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Axie Infinity Server Status (July) Grab Complete Details

Axie Infinity Server Status (July) Grab Complete Details >> In this news report, we have stated facts regarding a popular blockchain and cryptocurrency-based online game and its present host status.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the employment scenario worldwide. As a result, people started anchoring to alternate methods for earning their bread. An NFT based video game known as Axie Infinity proved to be an unusual and effective way of gaining money, to which the citizens of the Philippines are especially grateful. In this write-up, we have gathered details regarding this game and the Axie Infinity Server Status.

What Is Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an online video game that involves the rearing, confrontation, and business related to virtual pets known as “Axies”. The game is based on the functioning of cryptocurrencies and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), by which the players can trade coins and earn money. The users can sell the Axies or SLPs (Small-Love Potions) used for breeding digital pets and get cryptocurrency in return. One can exchange the crypto coins and receive ready money after that. Please read further to address your inquiry about the Axie Infinity Server Status.

Foundation Of Axie Infinity

The game was created by Sky Mavis, which is a game studio dealing with the newest technologies, and inspired by Pokemon, a role-playing video game series. It also followed the footsteps of Cryptokitties, which was the first game in the sphere of earning money via blockchain fundamentals and cryptocurrencies. Axie Infinity is presently the flagbearer on the Ethereum blockchain and has produced millions of income so far. The organization aims at eventually becoming a decentralized entity owned and run entirely by its community of players and traders. 

Know details on Axie Infinity Server Status

On 13 July 2021, the squad of Axie Infinity posted a Tweet mentioning that some problem had arisen in the marketplace of the subject game. Initially, the timeline for mending the issue was half an hour, but the difficulty is still prevalent. The Twitter and Facebook pages of Axie Infinity were flooded with its users’ comments about them being unable to access the portal. The players complained about various concerns, including the slow speed of the server and freezing of their Axies.  

Reason Behind The Hitch

As confirmed by the team’s Tweet dated 13 July, the inaccessibility of the game has been caused by a DDOS strike, which stands for Distributed Denial-Of-Service, ensuing in the current Axie Infinity Server Status. It implies the spiteful trial by a third party for damaging the concerned server with a sudden upsurge of traffic towards the website. However, the authority announced that they are working on the matter and assured the players about the safety of their assets. 


According to the latest post of Axie Infinity dated 14 July 2021on their Twitter profile, the problems persist with the website and server, and the concerned team is trying their level best to fix the glitch. You can check details on Axie Infinity  to be aware of the updated c Infinity Server Status

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