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Beetbest Reviews [April] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not

Beetbest Reviews [April] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not -> In this article, you get to know about an online store where you get all the electrical appliances.

Beetbest is your one-stop destination to buy all the electronic appliances at an affordable amount.

Beetbest Reviews are trending on the internet. A few of our readers had asked us to review this site as not a lot of information is available in these reviews. This is why we decided to come up with a detailed blog that shares all the essential information that one needs to know before buying from any online store.

Currently, this website is highly appreciated in the United State and has a lot of customers there. The company is based out of America but has buyers from all over the globe.

If you are willing to buy from this website, then here is everything that you need to know about it.

What is Beetbest?

Beetbest com is an online store from where you can buy electronic appliances and devices like smartwatches, cell phones, keyboards, mouse, flash drives, and a lot more.

This site sells everything at an affordable cost. Also, here you will find second hand or used items too. So if you want to try any device before buying a new one, then you can buy the used one from here.

Already there are so many websites that are selling such goods. Then what are more and more such stores coming in the online market? Do you know that many such sites fool people to earn money? It is in the online business that customers get scammed. Does this mean this website too is a scam? Or is Beetbest com legit? Let us find out.

Specifications of Beetbest:

  • Website- Appliances and devices
  • Shipping- 15-25 days
  • Delivery- 30-30 days
  • Exchange/return- applicable only if you contact the company in 7 days of receiving the order
  • Free shipping- above $59
  • Contact no- (978) 301-6769
  • Email- support@beetbest.com
  • Address- MA, USA
  • Mode of payment- PayPal

Is Beetbest a scam?

As the online scams are increasing day by day, customers want to stay alert, and they are taking a lot of care before paying to any of the websites. But what makes a website a scam?

Various factors play a vital role in deciding if any company is genuine or not. Sometimes you find a wrong email, or an incorrect contact number made updated on the website.

In this case, email seems correct, but the contact number matches with so many other companies. The site does contain a lot of information and has products listed as well. But some of the categories are empty.

Advantages of buying from Beetbest:

  • You can buy used items at cheaper rates and excellent quality
  • You have so many things to select from
  • This site has so many types of devices and appliances so you can buy everything from one-stop only
  • It allows you to cancel, exchange, and return the order
  • You can get a refund

Where does Beetbest lack?

  • Some categories do not contain items in them
  • Website is not managed well
  • The site has not mentioned a proper address
  • You cannot pay by cash as only online payment is allowed
  • It has some random items added to the site like wipes and tissues

Are customers buying from Beetbest?

As mentioned already, the products are highly appreciated in the USA, but a lot of people globally have bought the items from this site. The website has not mentioned any reviews or ratings, and thus we had to find them out from other sites.

The reviews are of a mixed nature, some are positive, and some are negative. This usually happens because the site is new in the market. A few customers did not like the quality of the product or the management of the website. But most of the customers are satisfied with all the orders they have received and also liked the quality.

Final Verdict

A website is a scam or is legit cannot be concluded without allowing it some time to prove itself. As the site is newly launched, it will not be fair to judge it. It is indeed true that the website lacks a lot of professionalism and needs to work in it, but there are many features about it that one can appreciate.

We recommend you all to try out items from this website. As you have seven days to ask for a refund, you can go ahead and buy the items of your choice.

0 thoughts on “Beetbest Reviews [April] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not

  1. I ordered from thesepeople and have not heard anything from them. I paid throughPaypal and would like to know what is going onwith my order. My order is #4061 and an invoice of ID: c12465880957068.1 shipping address to: 3861 Serenade Lane, Lakeland, FL 33811. my email is: mary.d.hawk@gmail.com

    1. Hi Mary,
      The same thing happened to me! And Paid through Pay Pay! They are much fake!

      Elizabeth Polito

  2. I ordered from these people beetbest. My order #4061 invoice ID: c12465880957068.1 I paid thru Paypal. They have my money. I havenot heard anything from beetbest. I would lie to know if they are legit, when my order will ship. Shipping address is to: 3861 Serenade Lane Lakeland, FL 33811. I went on to their website on chat andwas directed to another site asking that I pay $1.00 for information which I did not do. HELP!!!!!!

    1. Mary, do not pay anything. Contact PayPal and open a claim due to a fraudulent site. Remove your address and contact from this site as well.

      Do not buy online unless from a reputable store right now.

  3. I ordered from them 3.31.20 some desinfected wipes 2 packages of 3 for 140.00 and i wanted to check my order status and it’s saying wrb doesn’t exist i will call pay pa and see if they can help me to get my money back

  4. TOTAL SCAM. Website has disappeared. I processed the order through PAYPAL and now that I look at the PAYPAL transaction (which was not evident when I paid) it shows “NEWCHU” as the vendor and as an “unauthorized US – verified.”

    You can see that all these reviews are within the last two weeks. They obviously created a pop-up site, scammed a few hundred (or thousand) and disappeared. I’m usually pretty good at spotting fraudulent check-out pages, but because I paid through PayPal, I didn’t go through the entire checkout process. I’m opening a dispute through PayPal now.

  5. Where is my order? You took my money and I received nothing. I would not recommend anyone buy from here. I am reporting them to the FTC and BBB along with Consumer Affairs. I dont take it lightly when people steal!

  6. I ordered three containers of sanitizing wipes. The payment went thru PayPal to Newchu, not Beetbest. I never got my order. Beetbest was selling electronics and cleaning supplies. Now they are selling clothes and no electronics. I tried contacting them and get a standard reply email that says the same thing no matter what question I ask. I believe this is a scam and their website should be taken down.

  7. Scam. Beet best web site is back up. They are only selling clothes now. Paypal is working on my refund. Still waiting.

    1. I ordered sanitizing wipes more than 5 weeks ago. Text me said they sent them out last of May. Haven’t got them but they got theirmoney

  8. Yea they are a complete scam do not use this site when we had a huge toilet paper shortage I spent like $25 & was issued a number & did not receive a product they are hackers / scam artists trying to get money & use your info ..

  9. I ordered from them then decided to cancel the order minutes after. When i did this they gave me some bogus answer stating that they would refund my money in 14 business days. That money was never refunded. Meanwhile contacting support@beetbest.com was completely pointless because they would keep sending me the same response no matter what i wrote. BUYER BEWARE! This is NOT a real company, its a SCAM! They will take your money and never intend on sending you the product you purchased or give you a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

  10. Definitely a nightmare experience you have to return.

    I placed an order for a product and payed via PAYPAL because the site looks shady so I wanted to have guarantee. Same day I cancelled my order so I reached out personally and they replied they will cancel and refund will be in my account 14 days. (Sure) 21 Days later no refund, I reach out to them, paypal. THey reply with the same response that order will be cancelled and wait 4 days. Next thing I know I get a notification that the order has shipped.

    Bottom line it’s pretty shady.

  11. Same issue as others ordered on April 2, 2020 on April 3, 2020 newchu took the money thru paypal from my bank account. Several emails until today now they come back as suspicious emails and in Chinese. I got scammed, have contacted paypal but it appears that they played me along until the 180 days then bingo they get the money and paypal is off the hook. If you are doing anything with beetbest and you havent past the paypal 180 day deadline I would strongly advise you file a claim now and get out. If not DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM BEETBEST even if you think you are desperate, they are a scam, you will only lose your money and not get your order!!!!!!!!!!

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