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Evalaura Reviews [April 2020] Are They Worth the Hype?

Evalaura Reviews [April 2020] Are They Worth the Hype? -> This post gives insight into a new online punk rock clothing brand for women.

If you are reading this post, then you must have been searching for Evalaura Reviews. It is a new online fashion clothing store that has been some success amongst the punk and bohemian fashion clothing in the United States

What is Evalaura? 

It is an online store that sells fashion clothing by independent designers. The brand claims to offer high quality, exclusive and original fashionable clothing. The available products range from dresses, tops and pants to kitchen tools and cleaning supplies. 

If you are a punk rock or bohemian-inspired clothing aficionado, then you are in for a treat! As Evalaura com clothing offers you printed tops and dresses with graphic prints of skulls and band names such as The Beetles and Rolling Stones. The skull printed grey maxi dress, which also has a high thigh slit is eye-catchy. 

Amidst such prints, you will spot other quotes and space inspired prints and some few floral prints as well. This makes the website a little chaotic!  

But even though there are too many things happening at once on this site it offers a refreshing take on printed punk rock style t-shirts and jewelry. 

What kind of products are available on the Evalaura com? 

This online fashion store offers clothing and accessories for womenEvalaura clothing has been divided into the following sections- 

  • Dresses- Most dresses, you will come across are ill-fitted and not form-fitting. The fabric qualities vary from 100% cotton to 100% polyester and polyester blends. It is essential to know what fabric the garment is made up of, so you can decipher which size is best for you. Long, short, mid-length, you will find them all! 
  • Tops- comprises mainly of t-shirts and bohemian blouses that are loose and have embroideries or ruffled sleeves. A t-shirt that caught my eye has the “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” print on the front. If you too are a Harry Potter fan, you will share the sentiment. 
  • Bottoms- this section of Evalaura com varies from tight fitted PU panelled pants and distress denim to baggy and oversized cotton-blend pants. You will also spot a couple of floral print dungarees and jumpsuits in the section. 
  • Accessories- the section sees customers exploring from bracelets and anklets to earrings, rings and minimalistic necklaces. A delicate necklace that is sure to catch your eye is the double layer dove necklace. This gold-plated neckpiece could be a great addition to a bare neck with a lovely low-cut black dress. 
  • Home & garden- this section consists of the kitchen, cleaning tools along with some home decorations. You will also spot some home exercising tools in the segment.

Is Evalaura com legit?

is Evalaura com legit? is the most asked question! Let us answer this most asked about the subject. 

  1. The website is SSL protected! It means that all your information and conversation happening on the site will remain encrypted. 
  2. The domain name is about six months old; this means that the website is established and is not scamming you.
  3. The About Us section gives an insight into the brand.
  4. Adequate information regarding each product has been provided. 
  5. The shipping details are clear and concise. 
  6. You are given a variety of payment methods to choose from and not just PayPal. 
  7. There is an email id available in case you wish to reach out to the brand. 

These factors make Evalaura com seem to be legit. The most significant contributor being the fact that the site is SSL protected. If you are still confused, then read up some of the customer reviews below. 

Reviews of Evalaura by its customers

Since the brand lacks a social media presence, the only customer reviews available were on its website! Most talk about the ordered clothing being very comfortable. Quoting some reviews below-

A customer writes that she usually wears a medium/large but ordered an XL instead. It was loose, but she still looked great in it. 

Another writes “Great Value” in capitals and continues to mention that she got a ton of compliments for the shirt she got from this site. It was perfect for her Mardi Gras. 

No negative remarks were found in the reviews of Evalaura online clothing. 

Final Verdict- 

To conclude, one must base their opinions on the website off their own experience if the outfits are to your liking that is! 

If you have purchased from this site before then, do share your experience in the comments below. 

21 thoughts on “Evalaura Reviews [April 2020] Are They Worth the Hype?

  1. If I order something will I have to wait for months to get it? Are you located in the United States?

    1. I ordered clothes from evaluates about a month and a half ago.no way to track.can you tell me why?

      1. I have the same issue. I will never ever order from them again. I’ve been waiting forever to even recieve the clothing I ordered.

      2. Order shipped March 30 and I just received it yesterday. Clothing was fair but definatley not great Quality

  2. I ordered on March 30th and it says my items have not even shipped. When I emailed the their reply on April 7th was it would be 10 to 20 more days before it will ship and another 10 to 20 days to get your item. I would not order from this site.

  3. This place is a scam. I ordered 4 items and my total should have been $37.20 plus I used a promo code and got an additional $5.38 discount. It’s $10.50 for shipping so my total should have been $42.42. They charged my card $50.09. I didn’t catch it until after I paid though. Add up the cost of your items because they total it incorrectly. My order is still “processing” and its been over 2 weeks. This place is shady.

    1. Same. I ordered 10 days ago and my item hasn’t been shipped but their page says 3-5 days. I think the company erases negative comments. I’ve seen post on fb that say they have lots of comments under them but when I go to read the comments there are only a few like they erased the ones they dont like. They also added some kind of international fee to my credit card. I couldn’t see it until after I paid. I’m waiting to see what happens. I’ve emailed them about this and they have responded and been friendly which makes me think it’s a real company. I honestly dont know?

  4. Starting to wonder….I ordered April 17. I never received an email stating I placed an order. I paid through PayPal and my account was charged. I try to log in with my email and it says not a match.

  5. Took a week for them to process my order and another 3 weeks to receive product. The pictures are misleading. Not happy with my order so I’ll most likely use them for work clothes. You can’t leave a review on any product as the drop down menus for your order number and size don’t drop down. I would stay away from this place.

  6. Yep took ages for order to be delivered, and cheap crappy tops nothing like picture . Don’t buy anything from them

    1. Yup.wife ordered 2 months ago we were charged and have rexieved nothing . Scam site for sure.no email confirmation of shipping . Definitely not a good buisness if it is even real .

  7. I am starting to think that this is the same people behind ‘supperdaily’ another very similar website with the exact same clothing. I ordered four items from them. It took 6 months to receive one top and I never got the others. Now the website no longer exists. I think these are the same people just with a new business name and website. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!

  8. This was a terrible experience. I would not recommend ordering from here. My clothes were so ugly. Idnt look like the pic at all. The material was cheap and the black actually looked brown..half of my stuff was missing that I ordered. If u order from here you will wait your money.

  9. yea… This company is a lie. Out of china.

    I ordered 5 shirts. 4 months later, 2 came today. I ordered 2x and they couldnt even fit a child!!! They are a sham!!!

  10. This place is a scam. It took two weeks for them to ship my order, another month for it to arrive, and when it finally arrived I discovered the top wasn’t anything close to what was in the picture. It was a cheap knockoff and the logo was misspelled! Now I’m having to fight to get a refund. Don’t waste your money.

  11. This is a topic that’s near to my heart… Cheers! Where are your contact details though?

  12. I ordered on 21st April and only received one item (of two) about two months later. I tried to open a PayPal dispute but they reassured me the item was on its way, so I dropped the claim! However, nearly three months later and zip have not received it and customer service has only sent a automated reply to my complaint!

  13. This company is a SCAM, do not purchase from them. I tracked my package the entire time which took over 2.5 months. The tracking showed it went to my local post office and then returned because my address was incorrect. My address is correct on their website and correct on the tracking logistics. I have had no other issues with packages being delivered from other sources. I contacted them through their web page and received generic email responses. After my 3rd attempt I received a personal email response stating that my address was wrong, my items will be destroyed because the international shipping is too much to be shipped back to them. As far as my refund, they offered to send me 20% of my purchase price back in cash. Completely disappointing and unacceptable. I will do my best to share my horrible experience so no one else gets scammed like I did.

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