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10 Car Repair Issues That an Auto Shop Should Explain to You

People usually find it hard to think about what to do after getting involved in a car accident. It is understandable if you get overwhelmed by all the details and forget to ask important questions before making a decision.

However, rushing off to the nearest auto shop to get your car repaired is hardly a wise action. You must do your research first. Prepare a list of what you want to know and ask a prospective car repair shop about this.

 10 Top Car Repair Issues 

There are ten repair issues that an auto body shop should clarify before you agree to have them work on your car. These include:

  1. Repair Duration

As a car owner, you will be eager to get your auto back in good shape as soon as possible. There are no definitive answers because it will depend on the severity of the damage your vehicle sustained. Still, any reputable car shop can give you a tentative timeframe.

When handled by highly-trained technicians, repairs for minor collisions can take between three to seven days. There could be delays due to factors like the number of cars awaiting repairs, the number of staff on-site, and the availability of car parts.

  1. Warranty Offer

Most repair shops should readily offer a warranty; avoid those that don’t offer them. A good repair warranty offer can persuade a car owner to sign up for a contract.

Many warranties offer cover finishing and functionality, but you should ask your auto body shop for pertinent information like length of coverage, official warranty start date, and conditions that can void your warranty.

  1. Written Estimate

Insurance companies will normally require information about how much you are willing to pay to repair your car. Reliable repair shops can provide this to you, but you need to ensure that you are given as much detail as possible. The estimate should include the repair details, the cost of replacement parts, and the service crew’s hourly rates.

  1. Car Paint Match

Some auto body shops offer separate paint jobs. In this case, you should ask the service staff if they can match your car’s paint after the repair. Most cars have a color code plate that your auto shop can use to match the paint.

  1. Payment Policy

Reputable repair stores usually have clear payment policies and options. To avoid any confusion, misunderstanding, or additional stress, you should get this important information from the repair shop before they start working on your car.

  1. Car Model Experience

This is the most important issue that an auto body shop should clarify. Some stores do not have the knowledge and resources to repair different car models. Get a confirmation from a prospective auto body repair shop about this concern to save you energy and time and prevent your vehicle from suffering further damage.

  1. Auto Shop Certification

It is best to have your vehicle repaired by a certified car shop. According to experts in auto body repair in Largo, FL, certifications prove that the shop maintains the highest quality standards and provides professional services. Expect quality repair for your car if this is the case.

  1. Auto Shop Insurance

Ask your repair shop if they will take responsibility for your vehicle in the event of theft or fire. While these incidents are rare, you need to be aware in case they happen and what the shop can offer you in exchange for the inconvenience.

  1. Rental Services

If your car needs time to get completely repaired, a rented automobile will be your temporary mode of transportation. It would be nice if your repair store could also offer a car rental service to you. While not all auto shops offer this, you should consider confirming this. If they do, you should read the rental agreement carefully before signing it.

  1. Wash Options

After the repairs are completed, ask the auto shop if it is okay to take your car to the car wash right away. Some repairs, particularly car repainting, need time to settle down fully. If you get your car washed immediately after having it repaired, there is the risk that the vehicle can get damaged anew.

 Key Takeaway 

A car accident is often a horrible experience, and the idea that you’ll have to get your damaged auto repaired further adds to the confusion. This is where preparation becomes essential because there are repair questions that you need answers to before handing your car over to an auto repair shop.

The repair duration, warranty, insurance, cost estimate, and payment policy are some of the issues you need clarification on from a car repair store. If the shop has a good reputation, they can easily explain the details to you. If not, it is better to look around for another shop.

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