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9 Best Link Building Tools For Agencies

As people increasingly turn to the internet for information, businesses that build connections through links enjoy visibility, growth, and success. To maximize your potential, you need to understand digital media and its workings solidly. The following tools will help you make your journey to building links, both internal and external, easier.

 Link Building: Best Tools To Use 

Planning to invest in tools that can help with your link-building efforts? A St. Petersburg SEO expert names the top 9 link-building tools below that you should consider..

  1. Google Search (Search Operators)

Google and its search operators are the first on our list of the top link-building software. Search operators assist in delivering more targeted and specific search results to a query. It allows even newbie link-builders to find potential opportunities like:

  • Guest posts
  • Link roundups
  • Resources pages
  • Journalists

Search operators allow you to perform a specific search type by adding commands to each query to return specific results.

  1. SEMRush Backlink Gap Tool

The SEMRush Backlink Gap Tool is one of the most popular link-building tools. It will enable you to perform a gap analysis between your competitor’s link profile and your own, making it crucial for anyone who wants to start building links.

What makes it such an invaluable tool for your linking campaign is its ability to find websites related to your niche by looking at competitors’ data. This provides you with a clear view of the trends and allows you to access opportunities that still need to be explored.

  1. Google Alerts

Another free link-building tool is Google Alerts. It is a powerful tool that both veterans and newbies should be aware of. These are some of the many benefits of Google Alerts:

  • Get notifications if you are mentioned online.
  • Find out when users mention your competitors.
  • Receive alerts whenever content that mentions the keywords you used is published.
  • Receive all the information straight to your email inbox.
  1. Hunter

Hunter is an excellent link-building tool that can help you find the email addresses of a person or website you want to connect with. Its Email Finder feature is pretty simple to use – you just have to type a name or a website into the search bar, and Hunter will provide you with the email address in mere seconds.

  1. GroupHigh

GroupHigh is an online database established in 2010. GroupHigh can help you find new connections and influencers to promote your content. Here you will find all the published blogs.

  1. Scrapebox

Combining Scrapebox with specific Google Search Operators can quickly provide SERP results, saving you time. You can say goodbye to tedious URL compilation as this tool automatically sends you the results, giving you more time to reach out to prospects.

  1. SEMRush Link-Building Tool

You can use this tool to launch and manage outreach campaigns. You can access several opportunities through the Prospects tab, then find quality backlinks in your niche and receive them. SEMRush also lets users customize email templates, making outreach campaigns simple.

The SEMRush Link-Building Tool also allows you to track the progress of your backlinks once you have them. By using this amazing tool, you’ll always be first when it comes down to backlink opportunities while also tracking your progress.

  1. SEMRush Brand Monitoring

Sometimes, other websites may mention your brand online. However, there are no links that users can click. While this is still great exposure, it doesn’t compare to having a link with the mention. This is a great way to increase your brand’s public relations efforts.

The SEMRush Brand Monitoring Tool lets you quickly find mentions on the internet about your company, products, or services. You can also use the “link to site” filter to see which mentions do not link to your website.

After you have eliminated the “missed chances,” it is time to show your charm and convince the website owner to add a link to your site.

  1. HARO

HARO is a tool journalists use to locate credible sources for articles. When you sign up to become a source, you will be contacted by requests. Send a detailed reply if the request is relevant to your industry or expertise. Make sure to tell them why you are a trustworthy source. Limit your responses to topics relevant to your expertise, even if you want maximum exposure.

 Key Takeaway  

Link-building is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO. It helps improve rankings and drives traffic to your website through organic search. It can also influence your brand’s growth and establish a strong reputation in your niche by building relationships and referral traffic.

SEO experts can lend a hand and offer their expertise. Work with them to maximize your brand’s potential in the digital age and start your journey to building quality internal and external links on your site. 

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