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Certificate.Vibalgroup.com [June] Are They Worth the Hype?

Certificate. Vibalgroup. com [June] Are They Worth the Hype? >> The article consists of information about the website that provides e-certificate.

Vibalgroup.Com is a book publishing house situated in the Philippines, Quezon City. It is the publication house that sells and publishes various books related to education and technical and non-technical topics. Hilarion P. Vibal found it along with his wife in 1953, his aim of this publishing house to provide knowledge and wisdom to all the countrymen.

The publishing house is not only limited to publishing books but also providing digital classroom and webinar, materials, and publishing multimedia products. It is the largest publisher in the Philippines. It is the first publishing house providing digital classes, certificates in technical courses, and lots more.

History of Vibalgroup

Vibal Group is publishing articles since 1953, the founder of the publishing house Mr. Hilarion P. Vibal is a veteran journalist. They released several books related to Science and technology in 1963. In 1977 they published books for schools associated with Maths, Science, geography, and many other subjects.

Till now, the Vibal group has published books related to thousands of topics based on several subjects, technology, health, and many more. The first revolution came when they launched the first Digital Education in 2013 in the Philippines. The Digital Education helped to reach all the remote areas of the country to provide the online classroom.

It helped millions of uneducated children to enrol digitally and certified with the qualification certificates. So, the Vibal  group initiation of providing education via the digital platform is completed eight years, and now they are launching the next level of digitalization.

Vibalgroup “We learn together!” program

Recently the Vibalgroup has announced and will be launching a digital platform of learning and get certified courses. The online training session and webinar is already promoted on Facebook and other social media platforms. It will start in August. You can get enroll and registered itself for the webinar and in live learning session and can download your certificates.

The webinar session can join anyone even from United Sates. It is free of cost, and those who are having internet access will get a chance to interact with a few of the most qualified influencers who will guide you during your session of certification courses. The meeting allows all the students to grab the knowledge via the self-learning module.

The Vibal group is dedicated to providing free online courses, their main aim to connect the youth of the Philippines digitally. In 2003 when they started the online courses, the Vibal group donated 20 computers free to university so that the maximum number of young students connect digitally.

How can you generate E-certificate from Vibalgroup?

To download the E-certificate follow the below steps:-

  1. First, log in to any search engine like Google, Msn, Bing, Firefox, etc.
  2. Type certificate.vibalgruop.com then press enter
  3. Wait for few second until the search completes
  4. Then scroll down, there you will found the full name, email address section
  5. Fill all the asked details like full name and your email id 
  6. Then click the generate button 
  7. On the right, the certificate will generate and shows the certificate to download
  8. Then select the certificate that you want to download
  9. After selecting the option click on download certificate
  10. Then your certificate will generate mention your name and signed by the officials of Vibalgorup.com.
  11. Then you take the printout of that certificate

How to download Vibal group E-certificate from mobile phones?

To download the e-certificate via mobile phones follow the below steps:-

  1. Open your Facebook account and search for the vibalgroup page
  2. Enter the Vibal group page and scroll down and search until you found the vibalgroup e-certificate generator link.
  3. Find the certificate generator link and click on it the page will open automatically on a new tab
  4. Then, copy that link, open a new tab, and paste the link, direct it to the Vibal group certificate generator page
  5. Scroll down the page you will find the details section
  6. Fill all the details asked like Full name and email id
  7. Then click on the generate button 
  8. You can find that certificate on the download section of your device. 


The website is for educational purposes and educated by several young students and learners. It is open to, and the upcoming online course will soon getting start from August 24th. So, it is an excellent opportunity for learners to understand the e-certificate.

36 thoughts on “Certificate.Vibalgroup.com [June] Are They Worth the Hype?

    1. A blessed afternoon po. Bakit hindi ko po magenerate certificates ko po ng June 9 and 11 po? June 8 lang po ang meron… thank you po. God bless!

        1. Go for this site Vibalgorup.com. you will get all step one by one to generate your E-Certificate….thanks to being in touch…


    1. Good afternoon vibalgroup! Thank you so much po for your time and efforts in sharing your expertise to us. Ahm.. I would like also to request my e-certificate from June 9-12. Thank you for your kind consideration and God bless😇

  2. Please provide us soft copy of the Certificate of the webinar that I have attended for June 9 & 10, 2020.
    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. It helps me a lot.

  3. Good morning po.This is to request for my e-certificate of participation from joining the series of vibal live webinars from June 9 to June 12,2020…I havent receive yet the said cert..For your kind consideration.Thank you and Godbless po

    1. Good afternoon. I would like to ask about the certificates from June 9 to 12? They could not be generated yet?

  4. Good evening po. I would like to request my e-certificate of participation from June 8-12. I have not not generate yet. Thank you for your kind consideration and God bless…

  5. hi requesting my e-certificate from june 9 to 12 till now i havent receive my cert. thank you

  6. Good morning pO..I would like to request for my Certificates from Jun10-12,2020..until now i still can’t generate it..please..Thank you so much..GOD BLESS..

  7. Good evening po.I am requesting for my e- certificate of participation that I have attended last June 08-12,2020. 2:00-3:30 in the afternoon and June 8,2020 8:00 pm entitled Rethinking Science Learning in the Age of the New Normal.Thank you so much and God bless

  8. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise during the scheduled webinars from June 9 to 12, 2020

  9. Good afternoon. I did not receive my e-certificate last June 12, 2020.Thank you so much. GOD BLESS YOU.

  10. Good afternoon.Pls generate my e-certificate from the webenar last june 8 to 12,2020.Thanks.

  11. Good pm po, This is the request for my E-CERTIFICATE of participation from June 3 to June 19, 2020 thank you . AMEN

  12. My mother and I are both teachers po , we attended the seminar from June 8-12, 2020 and then June 15-19, 2020 but cannot download our certificates…thanks po..

  13. Magandang hapon po hindi ko po ma generate ung mga certificates ko ang nakalagat po ay laging

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