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Rosedoris Clothing (June) Is It Offering Profitable Deals?

Rosedoris Clothing (June) Is It Offering Profitable Deals? >> In this article, you will read about an international online store that sells women’s clothing, footwear, and other fashion statement accessories.

What is the one reason that makes you make your wardrobe look amazing? 

Rosedoris Clothing will tell you about an international online store that deals in elegant and refreshing women’s wardrobe collections at amazingly affordable prices.

Rosedoris.com provides you with the most comprehensive collection of every day and every occasion’s clothing for women. It makes you meet a variety of suppliers and production companies under one roof so that you can choose your fashion statement and regular dress.

If you have the passion for expressing yourself to the world in an elegant way, Rosedoris.com is here to provide you with everything you can desire under one roof.

Currently, customers from the United States are getting attracted to this site, and they love the products listed on the website.

Read this review carefully to know the pros, cons, and other relevant information related to this website.

What is Rosedoris.com?

Rosedoris.com is an international online store that deals in all sorts of custom women’s clothing, footwear, and other fashion accessories. This site holds a variety of women’s top, bottoms, jumpsuits, and different routines and occasional dresses.

This site also has a section of women’s fashion accessories such as headband, bracelets, necklace, and earrings. Along with the clothing and fashion accessories, this site also covered the women’s footwear and made it very clear that you can have everything you desire in this site.

Why is Rosedoris.com unique? 

Rosedoris.com provides it’s customers with great combo deals on various clothing and other available items, and because of this, it has become the first choice of the customers.

Read this Rosedoris Clothing Review carefully to know more about this website.

Specifications : 

  • Website – https://rosedoris.com/
  • Email – rosedoris@mail.com
  • Contact – Not Available
  • Address – CHICVUKLIMITED, Suite31a, Philpot House,Rayleigh,Essex,SS67HH
  • Delivery – 13-25 business days 
  • Delivery charges – Free delivery on orders over $129
  • Return/Exchange – within 15 days from the delivery date
  • Refund – Available
  • Order cancellation – Available but before the product is shipped or produced.
  • Mode of payment – Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa Card.

Pros of rosedoris.com 

  • It offers the most comprehensive variety of women’s clothing, accessories, and footwear.
  • It offers items at an affordable price.
  • Huge discounts on new arrivals.
  • 10% off on first order.
  • Return/Exchange available.
  • 15 days guaranteed refund.
  • Order tracking facility available.
  • Order cancellation facility available.
  • Customer email support available.
  • Free shipping on orders above $129.
  • The physical address of the website available.
  • Sign up and save section.

Cons of rosedoris.com 

  • All items cannot be returned.
  • The customer has to bear return expenses.
  • The contact number is missing.
  • The delivery time is too late.
  • Shipping fees is calculated based on weight and delivery destination, so charges are not fixed.
  • Some European countries have to pay duties and VAT.

Customer’s feedback on rosedoris.com : 

Although this site offers everything, customer needs, premium quality items, huge discounts, reasonable prices, and other combo offers, many customers had thought that this site is too good to be legit.

Further, mostly complaints lodged were on the late delivery policy and return policy. Many customers who had ordered either they got the items very late, or they had got things of different size, so the main issue about this site is returning of items which is going unnoticed by the site owners.

Other than this, every customer wants their complaints to be heard quickly and resolved as soon as possible, but this site doesn’t have any customer care number to make complaints. So this is the second issue for which customers are concerned.

On the other hand, this seems to be 100% genuine and offers excellent deals on a variety of women’s clothing and other fashion accessories.

Final verdict : 

At the end of the reviews on Rosedoris Clothing, we want to conclude that this website has all your fashion needs under one roof and is at just a click away. 

Some of the attractions of this online store is you can get 10% off on your first order and can also get your shipping free if you order above $129, Its combo deals on clothing and other available items help you in expressing yourself on different occasions as it has clothing, accessories, and footwear for every time.

In rosedoris.com, you will find the most comprehensive collection for a different profession, hobbies, and sports. Other than this, you can check out the everyday collection listed on this website.

3 thoughts on “Rosedoris Clothing (June) Is It Offering Profitable Deals?

  1. I place my order on 6/10/20, and received a partial order on 7/8/20 and order details state it being shipped on 6/14/20. I attempted tracking my order without success. I also attempted contacting the company by sending an email requesting date of possible receipt of my order with no response. I was excited when I received a package from Rosedoris , but very disappointed in the quality and tailoring of the clothing! I consider it money not well spent! Needless to say I would never, ever place another order or recommend this site to anyone.

  2. Do not recommend-I have been waiting on my order for eight weeks! Contacted company and they gave me shipping tracking numbers but according to the numbers, nothing has been shipped. No refund. This is last time I try to buy from other than American company.

  3. Ordered from Rose Doris over 8 weeks ago – have received nothing . Two packages they claimed delivered by USPS and they were not. The tracking number they provided is not valid for USPS and they will not provide the USPS tracking number. I just get a scripted response you can track your packages via XXX and your package has been delivered on XX date at 6:00 PM by USPS tracking number XXXXXX. It isnto a valid tracking number. I never received the packages, i was outside cleaning out garage day and time of supposed delivery and have cameras that prove not delivered. They will not provided the actual USPS tracking number yet they refuse to refund while they will not provided a valid tracking number to prove delivery. Just keep responding they were delivered.

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