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Donkey Shop Reviews (Aug) Another Scam Site or Legit One

If you are willing to make purchases from this website, then you will also need to know more about Donkey Shop Reviews. To get better information, read review.

Do you consume alcoholic drinks? Do you also want to buy some moisturizers and calamine lotion for your children’s including some antiseptics of Savlon? If so, then today’s website will be quite helpful for you. The main origin of this website is from the United States.

If you are interested in knowing more about this website and check out the Donkey Shop Reviews, stay connected and read today’s website review. 

What is a donkey shop? 

Donkey shop is an online website that sells alcoholic drinks, moisturizers, creams, kids bath soap, fashion items like watch purse dresses, waste bags, pouches, beach bags, etc. All these products shown on this website are from very high-rated brands like Zara, Lewis, Johnson’s, ASDA, munchkin, Aveeno baby, Savlon, Playtex, Aquaphor, and more. All these brands have a great reputation in the market. The prices for all these products on this website is pretty genuine as the brand’s values. To get more info regarding Is Donkey Shop Legit, please read the following article.  


  • Domain age: –11th March 2021 is the domain date for this website. 
  • URL:- https://donkeyshop.ng/. 
  • Category:-this website falls under the category of multiple body products. 
  • Email:-info@donkeyshop.ng. 
  • Address: – 35 Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja. 
  • Contact no.:- (+234) 809–555 –5812. 
  • Payment options:-Visa, MasterCard, AMEX. 
  • Return policy: – they offer all sorts of returns, refunds, and repair of all damaged products according to their customer’s wishes. 
  • Refund policy:- refunds are available on this website. 
  • Shipping policy:- details about shipping are not available. 
  • Delivery policy: – information about charges on products are available. 

These are some specifications for Donkey Shop Reviews.


  • The product shown on this website all belongs to the very high repudiated brand. 
  • The price for every product shown on this website is quite appropriate. 
  • We could find the Instagram page for this website. 
  • The information about the contact details for this website was available. 


  • The existence or website is not from much time. 
  • The website has not got the Alexa rank. 
  • It has got very low trust index score. 
  • The website also sells alcoholic drinks, which is not good. 

Is this website Legit?

A very frequent question, Is Donkey Shop Legit, arises in every person who is willing to look into this website as this website offers products from great brands, so people do fall for these sorts of websites. But as we all know in today’s time frauds are the main source of income for some people, so it is done commonly. To prevent yourself from being stuck in these frauds, we need to be extra careful about every single detail of the website. As in the case of this website, you can read the following points based on Donkey Shop Reviews. 

  • The domain age of this website was started being recorded from 11th March 2021. 
  • This website only gains a 7.9 score on the trust index ratio. 
  • We were not able to find any customer reviews for this web Store.
  • Alexa rank was seen as zero. 
  • The content seems to be plagiarized. 
  • The policies were found fake and delusional. 
  • We don’t have any information about the address originality. 
  • We found the social media icons for this website that seem to be justified. 
  • We did not get owner information. 
  • We did not see unrealistic discounts. 

After reading all the above points, we decide and say that this website is not trustworthy but highly suspicious. 

Donkey Shop Reviews. 

Customer reviews are another important aspect of a website that is to be mentioned online. But in the case of a website, no customer reviews were found with straight away makes our thoughts against this website. All the legitimacy of checkpoints, pros, cons, and specifications make us feel that this website is not unimpeachable but highly suspicious. 

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We make an unbiased conclusion based on all the information gathered regarding Donkey Shop Reviews for this website. Therefore, we come to a decision by saying that this website is not to be trusted as it has many trust issues. 

If you find this website review is providing you some help, then please give your regards in the form of comments. 

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