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Elite Heater Reviews {Feb 2022} Read Before Shopping!

This article brings you the details of an effective radiator suitable for heating large areas. Read this article on Elite Heater Reviews to know all the facts.

Elite Heater provides their product and services in the United States. Elite Heater sells water-filled electric radiators suitable for homes, offices and large areas. Did you find portable heaters ineffective? Do you find other conventional heaters difficult to maintain? Are you not satisfied with the amount of heat they provide, even with large heaters?

Elite Heater has a solution for your search for effective heaters. So, let us know more in this Elite Heater Reviews.


Elite Heater comes in different sizes to heat different sizes of rooms. It can be installed in homes, offices, kitchen (or) bathroom. Elite Heater features JAWO Advanced Electric Heating. This technology helps in keeping the room constantly warm without the hassle of maintaining pumps, plumbing, oil-fired boilers and gas to circulate water for heating. Elite Heater is wall-mounted though it does not come with any wearing parts.

How to use it?

  • After setting up the Elite Heater, you can set the temperature on the LCD panel,
  • Select the amount of time you want the Elite Heater to heat the room,
  • Elite Heater Reviews ascertains that ‘comfort’ mode is used to maintain the temperature up to 21°C and ‘ECO’ mode at night (or) when the rooms are unoccupied to maintain the temperature at 15°C,
  • Once the desired temperature is reached, Elite Heaters stops taking power to avoid overheating and saves electricity,
  • You can program the heater for seven days with six different heating periods that suit your daily routine.


  • Buy Elite Heater at: https://www.eliteheaters.co.uk,
  • Price: Price is arrived after application.

The Elite Heater comes in six different sizes:

  • 3.0 kW JAWO N – 58cm Hx 7cm Dx 0.4
  • Elite Heater Reviews on 3.0 kW JAWO N2 – 58cm Hx15cm Dx 1.2
  • 1.6 kW JAWO T – 34cm Hx 7cm Dx 0.8
  • 3.0 kW JAWO T2 – 34cm Hx 15cm Dx 0.8
  • 1.6 kW JAWO H1 Upright – 112cm Hx 7cm Dx 0.8
  • 3.0 kW JAWO H2 Upright – 170cm Hx 7cm Dx 1.2

The Elite Heater comes in three models:

  • JAWO Premium LCD. Control Radiator for common heating areas
  • Independent Water Filled Radiator for heating homes, offices, etc.,
  • EHLST Radiator Range for heating large areas such as schools, offices, etc., and
  • EHPLW Panel Radiator for bigger projects, Community Building, etc.

The Elite Heater Reviews three models of the control panel:

  • Integrated Fold-Away Electronic Timer
  • RFC Digital Control Versions
  • Integral LCD Control


  • The heating element is inbuilt to avoid over-dried air,
  • The Elite Heater is durable and built for continuous operation,
  • The control panels allow you to program the heater for seven days with six different heating periods,
  • Automatic temperature control to avoid overheating.


  • The Elite Heater is not suitable for small areas,
  • The Elite Heater consumes more energy.

Is Elite Heater effective and Valued?

We have extensively researched Elite Heater and its brand to check its authenticity.

Elite Heater Reviews of the brand:

  • JAWO Elite Heater is a brand of Elite Heaters Ltd, established in 2006,
  • Elite Heaters Ltd is a major supplier of radiators in the UK,
  • Eliteheaters.co.uk has gained a good trust score of 86%,

About the product:

  • Elite Heaters have positive customer feedback and good customer ratings on eliteheaters.co.uk,
  • With the customer’s reviews on eliteheaters.co.uk, we know that Elite Heaters provide services for huge projects,
  • Services from Elite Heaters are suitable for individuals and institutions.
  • No specific review found on reliable sites.

Customer Elite Heater Reviews:

Elite Heaters and its brand are not present on Social media. There are no customer reviews for specific JAWO Elite Heaters and its brand on reviewing websites, YouTube, the internet and social media. There is customer feedback posted on eliteheaters.co.uk. All the customer feedback is positive with a good customer rating. Hence, it is not reliable. 

In the absence of customer reviews online for JAWO Elite Heaters, there is no negative rating (or) feedback present. Therefore, please read about Product Legitimacy.


Elite Heaters are potentially genuine as they have existed in the market since 2006, and many institutions have set them up in their facility. Elite Heater Reviews concludes that Elite Heaters Ltd. is a potentially authentic brand due to a good trust index. However, eliteheaters.co.uk is not user friendly and lacks full information. Additionally, there are no reviews for Elite Heaters on the internet.

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