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Fasenin com Reviews [July 2020] Is it a Scam or not?

Fasenin com Reviews [July 2020] Is it a Scam or not? -> In this article, you read about a website that deals with trendy apparel and merchandise.

E-commerce is booming with people turning to their smartphones for their every need. People want to have the luxury of shopping at any time, and e-commerce is perfect for that. One should look for a legitimate site before shopping because it takes a moment for convenience to turn into a bad nightmare. So, is Fasenin Legit? Don’t worry because i will answer all the questions related to the legitimacy of Fasenin com Reviews

Online clothes shopping is growing by double digits in the United States. With 35% of all clothing in the United States being bought online, people are turning more and more to e-commerce for their apparel needs. Need not to say a lot of websites are coming up to encash this digital rush and provide a unique experience to customers. One such company is Fasenin.com. 

Fasenin com Reviews offer a clothing line for women. On top of the latest trendy designs, they offer massive discounts to their customers. They are betting upon their fresh designs to grab a pie of the United States e-commerce boom. But the biggest question is the legitimacy of Fasenin.

What is Fasenin?

Fasenin is an online site that claims to offers high-quality merchandise to online shopping Enthusiasts and makes the entire process of shopping, making payment and delivery convenient to its customers. They claim to provide tailored apparel services to each customer, according to one’s needs. It says that it uses the latest technology to offer a unique experience on its website. The company mainly serves the United States market but claims to deliver the products worldwide. 

Specifications of Website

  • Website: Deals with apparel and merchandise for Women.
  • Email: volkova_elena.19791143@mail.ru
  • Address:7 stores in Chengdong New Town Community, Tonghe County.
  • Contact Number: Not written on the webpage.
  • Shipping Time: Within two working days.
  • Shipping Cost: Chargeable on orders below $50
  • Delivery: 7-10 business days in the United States
  • Exchange/Returns: Can be requested within 24 hours of placing the order
  • Cancellation: can be done before delivery but charges will be applicable 
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and all major debit/credit cards accepted.

Pros of Fasenin

  • Offers an extensive range of Apparels
  • Huge discounts on every product is available
  • Unique Tailored experience to each customer

Cons of Fasenin

  • Cash on Delivery not available.
  • Contact number not given.
  • No ratings or reviews of products on the website.
  • Other Social media handles not accessible.

Is Fasenin legit? 

Fasenin is a comparatively new player in e-commerce, which has relatively less experience with customers. With an ever-growing number of new fake sites, the creditability of the site is hard to digest. Also, the very fact that cash on delivery isn’t available makes it harder to believe the legitimacy of the website. 

The address given on the website is Chinese, and its hard to determine it and its legitimacy. The company doesn’t have a contact number hence, customer support will be negligible. 

The website claims to provide a unique experience to each customer and use technology to address customer’s needs. Still, some of the essential utilities, such as the website’s social media presence, are nowhere to be found as links given at the bottom redirect to other sites.   

There is very little information available online about the website, and very less is known in the public domain. Hence, Fasenin com Reviews is a scam and should be avoided, no matter what the reason.  

Customer Reviews on Fasenin:

The website doesn’t provide customer reviews for its products. This acts as a hindrance to the user experience of the customers, although the company claims the contrary. Also, there are no reviews available regarding the website itself. 

Much is not available regarding Fasenin com Reviews, but people have expressed their opinion regarding the site on their social media platforms. In general, the reviews are negative, claiming the website’s service to be pathetic, and they end up paying for shipment of cancelled products.

Also, the company doesn’t fulfill the promises made on the website regarding customer services. There are far better options available online by the established players in terms of products, services, and user experience. Therefore, it will be tough for them to recommend the website to anyone known. 


The article touches all the necessary points required to establish the legitimacy of a website. This proves that the site is a scam, and there is no transparency at all. Also, the steps were taken by websites such as not providing public reviews on products and not giving contact number points towards the site being a scam.

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