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Follow The White Rabbit Set Fortnite {Dec} Read Gameplay

Sentinel glider can be fetched in Follow the White Rabbit Set Fortnite. See how and where to get it.

The Fortnite Sentinel Glider is released as a part of the Follow The White Rabbit comic book-related television series. It is released as a part of Chapter 3 of season 1. The users in the United States have welcomed the release of a new chapter. The Follow the White Rabbit Set Fortnite would have certain changes and newly embedded additions. Today, we will take a holistic view of the game and the change expected to be experienced. 

What is Follow The White Rabbit?

The White Rabbit’s Follow is the 6th episode of the 3rd season of the famous Fox series called Gotham. The episode was released in 2016 and authored by Stevenson Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt. The episode was widely read and liked by the audience. The episode also revealed that the character of Oswald Cobbleplot is gay. The Follow the White Rabbit Set Fortnite’s predecessor also started a few debates on accepting homosexuality and elicited wide criticisms and praises. 

The episode was watched by almost 4 million viewers globally and achieved the feat of being among the most-watched shows that week. As per Rotten Tomatoes, the rating for the episode is 8.2. TV Overmind gives it five stars. The episode was named the 6th best comic book-related television species in 2016. The episode was 40 minutes long and ended with ranging excitement for the next episode and the game. 

Follow the White Rabbit Set Fortnite: The Gameplay

The sentinel is a Fortnite Glider available at the Follow the White Rabbit. The glider had somehow been leaked and would be at the store to be purchased shortly. It is a VR cinematographic thingy where you can experience and play in accordance with a chapter of Alice in Wonderland. The Twitter account of the developers has suggested this.

 The gameplay requires a PC Intel Core possibly i7s with a 64-bit processor and operating system. There should be at least 16GB RAM and 12 GB available space. The game is single-player, and Follow the White Rabbit Set Fortnite requires a controller and playing with keyboard and mouse isn’t supported.

 The sentinel glider has a transparent background, making it easy to be manipulated. The PNG can be installed from the website and used for your art purposes if needed. The sudden leak of the sentinel had caused some clamour with the users, which have now been settled amicably by the developers. The glider is itself a sight to see when players enter a match. Those players equipped with gliders have the cleanest Matrix items in the game. 


The glider has suddenly been leaked earlier but now forms a part of the gameplay. The gameplay of Follow the White Rabbit Set Fortnite is based on the Follow the White Rabbit comic-based television series. Season 1 Chapter 3 is chosen for that purpose. The process to get a sentinel glider is described above. To know more, see How to Get Sentinel Glider in Fortnite Winterfest

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