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Merge Mansion Christmas Event (Jan 2021) All About It!

The guide shares details about the Merge Mansion Christmas Event and a few tips to earn more points.  

The popular online mobile game Merge Mansion has become the most advanced puzzle game with millions of installations. It has become a popular puzzle game because of its gameplay that takes the merge puzzle to another level.

The Worldwide players appreciate playing the game. If you also enjoy playing the puzzle game, there is good news for you during this Christmas. The game’s developer has announced the holiday event from 17th Dec and will last till 31st Dec 2021. 

The Merge Mansion Christmas Event is a seasonal event where you can acquire the Winter Holiday Decorative items for the mansion. 

What is the Merge Mansion Holiday Event?

Merge Mansion Christmas or Holiday Event is a seasonal event where players can participate between 17th December and 31st December 2021. Since it is announced during the holiday season of Christmas, it is named as Winter Holiday Decoration Event or Christmas Event.

The holiday event will give players easy access to all winter holiday decorative items which they may use to decorate their mansion. Players must participate in the event and obtain the Winter Holiday Points, which are redeemable for Winter Holiday Decorations for Grand Drive.

What are the Items Available During Merge Mansion Christmas Event?

There are several items that players can obtain during the event. However, points are needed to redeem these items from the Holiday Event Shop. So, below is the list of things that you can acquire during the event. 

  • Jingle Bells – 50 Points
  • Gift Boxes – 110 Points
  • Winter Holiday Lanterns – 205 Points
  • Penguin – 225 Points
  • Gingerbread House – 330 Points
  • Snowmen – 295 Points
  • Holiday Cards – 485 Points
  • Reindeer Ride – 410 Points
  • Christmas Tree – 515 Points
  • Statue – 560 Points
  • Gateway – 1050 Points 

These are some items that players can redeem during the Merge Mansion Christmas Event. Other items are available in the shop, including Winter Globe for 420 points, Rooftop for 645 Points, Front Porch for 955 Points, and Holiday Cards for 485 Points. 

The Gameplay Tips for Christmas Event

Here are a few helpful tips to help you obtain more items during the event. 

  • Avoid spending money on cobwebbed items as generators will provide you with what you need.
  • Store more items on the board, even if it is full and loaded with too many items.
  • The tasks are likely to collect various items quickly during the Merge Mansion Christmas Event, including the generators.  
  • At the end of the event, the points you collected will be transformed into coins.
  • Never upgrade the Xmas Tree to level four at the beginning. The level 5 Xmas tree will demand Xmas Tree Decoration as fuel.  

What Players Have to Say?

After evaluating, we found players are eagerly waiting for the event and want to participate. Besides, they are also worried about the tasks as there are many tasks to complete to collect points. 

You may check further discussion of players online. 


The Merge Mansion Christmas Event has already started, and Worldwide players collect points. It will help them redeem the points for exclusive Christmas Event Items from the Holiday Event Shop.  

Have you participated in the event? Please, share your experiences in the comment section.

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