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Top Games To Improve Memory

The best games to improve your memory. How do they work? Mobile applications to improve memory. Simple Workouts

The Most Effective Games To Improve Memory

Many people think that training to improve brain function and develop logical thinking is rather primitive and boring, so they are looking for a more exciting way to solve this problem. In this case, games to improve memory come to the rescue. Today they are incredibly diverse, and you can easily choose the most suitable option.  Some of these games have been around for thousands of years, while others have been around for some time but have already proven their effectiveness.

Varieties Of Games To Improve Memory

Like our body, our brain needs regular exercise to stay in shape. The most accessible and most understandable method to provide such a load is through games to improve memory.

There are two common ways to improve memory: board games and mobile apps. Let’s look at each of these varieties in more detail.

Board Games

If you want to improve your memory, don’t forget to play board games. Often they are aimed at improving the functioning of your brain and stimulating the development of logical thinking, which also affects memory. Among the most valuable games are:

  • Puzzles;
  • Chess or backgammon;
  • Crosswords;
  • Sudoku;
  • Monopoly games and others.

It is good to play these games with someone close to you, such as your children, parents or friends. It will allow you to have fun by communicating in an informal setting.

Each of the above games has its strengths. You can choose one of them and get great results, or change them every week. It practically does not matter, and the main thing is that you enjoy such training.

If you play board games every weekend, you will notice how quickly you improve your memory.

Mobile Applications

Improve memory app – special software offers interactive workouts to improve brain function and increase memory capacity. Among the most effective are:

  • memoryOS;
  • Lumosity
  • Fit Brains Trainer
  • CogniFit Brain Fitness
  • Happify and others.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and each user will be able to choose the most suitable option for themselves.

Among all the ways to improve memory, the memoryOS mobile app deserves special attention. It was developed with the assistance of two-time Memorization Champion Jonas von Essen. Initially, he also had minor memory problems, tried a considerable number of technologies, and based on them, created his own, which allowed him to achieve tremendous results. Today he is ready to share the secret of his success and tell you how you can quickly and easily improve the state of your memory.

An improve memory app has several benefits:

  • Selects a training program based on the state of a person’s memory before training;
  • Has interactive elements and 3D models;
  • Simple and straightforward interface;
  • Shows promising results in different age groups (from teenagers to pensioners);
  • Does not require a lot of time;
  • The result becomes noticeable after a few weeks.

Do not think that the state of your memory will improve significantly after downloading the application. You should exercise for 20-30 minutes a day and, in no case, skip workouts. One time you take a day off can set your progress back a few steps.

Games to improve memory may offer to build a mind palace. This technique of structuring memory is trendy today and has already proven its effectiveness. If people considered it fiction a few decades ago, more and more people are spending time trying to master it. The famous Sherlock Holmes no longer seems like a fantastic hero because, among us, there are already people who show the same beautiful possibilities of human memory.


You can use both games to improve memory to get excellent results. So, for example, on weekends you can meet with friends for a game of chess or monopoly, and on weekdays use mobile applications in your free time. It will allow you to achieve good results even faster and make your life even more enjoyable.

It doesn’t matter what you like more (board games or mobile apps); the main thing is that your workouts are regular, enjoyable, and beneficial.

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