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Ghisca Debora Aritonang LinkedIn: Explore Information On Scandal In The Coldplay Concert

This reason on Ghisca Debora Aritonang LinkedIn will let you know if Ghisca Debora was involved in a scandal over tickets to a Coldplay concert. 

Who is Ghisca Debora Aritonang? Why is he famous nowadays? People have been gossiping about Ghisca Debora Aritonang LinkedIn. This news has gone viral in Indonesia as many people who know this name felt cheated. If you want to learn the trending updates on Ghisca Debora, then kindly follow up on this article to get all updates on this scandal trending around the world.

About Ghisca Debora Aritonang LinkedIn

As per online sources, Ghisca Debora is trending because of the Coldplay Concert’s ticket fraud. We tried to search the LinkedIn profile of Ghisca Debora Aritonang, but we could not find the official page of Ghisca. There were some other profiles in the name of Debora, so we could not say if his profile was available on LinkedIn. However, the updates on Ghisca are trending after the online sites shared his links with ticket fraud. There were assumptions that he had been involved in the ticket fraud case due to which people are trying to seek more details on him.

Ghisca Debora Ditangkap

As per online sources, a concert happened in Jakarta on November 15, 2023. Many people wanted to attend this concert by Coldplay, but they could not get the tickets even after they paid for tickets. This ticket scam started trending on social media and Jakarta police station received around 73 complaints at the same time. These complaints were regarding ticket fraud. The name that is highlighted in this ticket fraud is Ghisca Debora Aritonang and there were reports that he earned IDR 15 billion from this ticket scandal. The investigation is trying to find the truth and seeking updates on this scandal.

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Ghisca Debora Coldplay

As per online sources, Ghisca Debora is trending in the news because of his involvement in the scandal of tickets to a Coldplay concert. The Coldplay concert was held in Jakarta recently and many people reported that they could not get tickets even after paying for the tickets. This scam has been trending on social media pages. A Twitter user has confirmed the details of this scam through a tweet after which many people who were victims of this scandal came up and discussed what happened to them. People are hoping that they will get a refund for sure and the culprit of this scam, Ghisca Debora Ditangkap will be under investigation until the investigation is complete.

People looking for his LinkedIn profile, but could not find it because the profile did not exist. It might have existed earlier but due to this ongoing scandal, it must have been removed. If it will be available, then we will keep you updated.  


Summing up this research here, we have informed you about Ghisca Debora Aritonang who is involved in the Coldplay Concert’s ticket scandal. We hope that all the facts shared in this article will be helpful for you and the readers should wait for the authentic LinkedIn profile of Ghisca Debora. We will surely update you if it is available. 

Would you mind providing your views on Ghisca Debora Coldplay? Please let us know in the comment section below.

DISCLAIMER: We do not aim to comment on anyone until the investigation is complete. We only intend to give basic details based on other online sites for informative purposes.

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