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Tips For A Great Night’s Sleep This Winter

Getting a great night’s sleep this winter is essential, as regular, quality sleep will help to keep your immune system healthy and ready to fight off colds, flu and infections. It will also help you be productive and optimistic about tackling whatever the day has in store for you.  

This blog will give tips for a great night’s sleep this winter, whatever the weather—helping you stay focused, healthy and at the top of your game.  

As the weather gets colder and the nights draw in, it’s natural to feel the need to hibernate until summer. However, even in the winter, the main reason people struggle to sleep is overheating; we naturally wake up when we overheat. It can then be difficult to get back to sleep, leading to hours of tossing and turning.  

Choose the right duvet.  

So, the trick to not overheating is staying cool at night and not cold or hot. The bedding you choose can make a massive difference to this. Some bedding will help you overheat, and others will work with you to keep you warm without overheating. Choosing pillows and duvets made from a breathable material that will work with your body is always a good idea.  

As its name suggests, the Panda Cloud Duvet is as fluffy and soft as a cloud. It is made from Bamboo, a material that will work with your body to keep you cosy without overheating, no matter the temperature.  

Get moving  

Whilst hibernating when it’s cold outside is tempting, ensuring you get yourself up and out will help you avoid feeling sluggish.  

Even though the weather is dull, cold and gloomy, it is essential to get out and move around. Exercise aids sleep; if you exercise outside, your body can also soak up the natural light, which is vital for vitamin D production. 

Choose a quality mattress.  

An uncomfortable mattress can lead to a terrible night’s sleep, affecting not only your mood but also your health and relationships over time. Choosing a supportive mattress that maximises breathability can transform how you sleep, helping you get a great night’s sleep every night. A Hybrid Bamboo Mattress has been specifically designed to support your sleeping position and ensure you have a restful night’s sleep.  

Keep a bedtime routine.  

The desire to stay in bed on a cold dark morning can be strong. However, regularly getting up and going to bed at a time will help create a good sleep pattern.  

Turning off screens like TVs, laptops and phones before bed and keeping the lights dim can also help you relax and ease into a good night’s sleep.  

Sleep is not only good for your mood and the people around you; it is also beneficial for your long-term health too. The tips for a great night’s sleep this winter are – to keep to a bedtime routine, choose a great mattress and have cosy, breathable bedding that will help keep you comfortable without overheating.

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