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Has Mobdro Stopped Working (Feb) Click Here To Know!

Has Mobdro Stopped Working (Feb) Click Here To Know! >> This post will share some necessary facts of the application and solution to fix the trending issue that every user is facing.

People quickly find the way to entertain others, so are you one of them looking for an application of watching videos? If yes, then Mobdro can be your solution. 

Recently this live streaming app is in the trend, and many people from the United Kingdom and the United States are filling comments over Has Mobdro Stopped Working. The app is facing lots of problems from the past few days.

Let us go through this article to check out all the facts and problems related to this application.

What is Mobdro App?

The Mobdro app is the android application that allows you to watch live streaming videos and shows. The application is free of cost and safe to use until you are going through the free website.

People from the United States and other countries can also use this application on your mobile, android TV or Xboxes that gives the best experience of watching on the full screen. It also offers live television channels including news, sports, movies, etc. with detailed information about the streaming person.

But recently some people asked that Has Mobdro Stopped Working. So, let us check the legality of this statement.

Customer Reviews about this Application

The application has low ratings from the customer, i.e. only 2.5-stars out of 5, which show that users are not happy. Users claimed that the app doesn’t work for football matches in the United Kingdom

Whereas other users claimed that regular updates make the app more problematic than the earlier update. Too many advertisements also spoil the mood, which drags the time and application gets hang.

The recent comments regarding the application show that the users are facing problem while using it.

Has Mobdro Stopped Working?

The updates state that the app faces a problem while working and the official site or the app cannot load. This issue makes it impossible for the user to watch or download, but there are several ways to try for fixing it.

How to Resolve the Issue?

  • You need to check the proper internet connection.
  • Uninstall the application from your device and install again.
  • You can clear the storage of the app on your device.
  • Try to reset your android device and keep it up to date for mobdro to work.
  • If you are also thinking about Has Mobdro Stopped Working, do not forget to check the app’s latest update.
  • Try downloading the app from the Chrome browser.
  • Restart your phone and see if you get any solution.


The application has several alternative options like Live Net TV, AIOS TV, Exodus Live TV etc. You can try these if you feel Mobdro is no more helpful.

Please check all the steps of finding the solution to fix the issue of not working. The app is relatively safe, but it also shares some illegal paid ad content from which you need to be safe. If you use the app, please ensure your safety while watching the content.

What is your opinion on Has Mobdro Stopped Working? Please do mention them in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Has Mobdro Stopped Working (Feb) Click Here To Know!

  1. The site says there is no internet connection but that is not true. The internet is connected but Mobdro is not recognizing it.

    1. Mondro is a streaming network, The FBI has started to close down sites that steal copyrighted products that are illegally obtained.

  2. Deleted mobdro on all 3 tv boxes and reinstalled but it still not working. I have used mobdro for abt 3 years and no problems until now .

  3. Why have Mobdro stop working? When will it back up & running? It had great channels, please fix this mone say check internet connection & I have & nothing is wrong with my internet connection!

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