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Hope Health Supply Reviews (Feb) Is It Offer Scam Deals?

Hope Health Supply Reviews (Feb) Is It Offer Scam Deals? >> This article will help you understand the website services and quality of products that proffers to deal with the Covid-19 essentials.

Hope Health Supply Reviews: This Coronavirus has changed several people’s routines and life. The impact of this pandemic is enormous in our lives. Simultaneously, the scientists are also working for its cure, since this pandemic started. But, they did not succeed yet, and the only best ways to stop the spread are to follow prevention guidelines.

Further, nowadays, the United States has the most suffered country from the Coronavirus. So, to stop spreading, the Government issued mandatory safety guidelines for the public to follow like wearing masks, sanitizing hands, and social distancing. Here, there is a website that deals with Covid-19 essentials and saves many lives. 

On the other side, in this pandemic, many people lost their jobs, but it also creates business opportunities, and people started the Covid-19 essentials store. 

To know the authenticity of the website, we have to expand it through its following reviews.

A Few Lines for Hope Health Supply 

It is an online store in the United States, which deals with coronavirus essentials to prevent its spread. It includes products like Ultraviolet rays Sterilizer Wand, reusable 3 Ply face mask, hand sanitizer sprays, disinfecting alcohol wipes, Finger pulse Oximeter, Non- contact thermometer, and Ear savers.

Further, the products on this web store are good in quality, and customers can get a discount of 15 percent on their second purchase, if they refer this website to friends for shopping.

Apart from this, to know the product’s quality and services, we have to go through the Hope Health Supply Reviews in detail.

Details of Hope Health Supply 

  • URL: For purchasing masks and other essentials, you need to click on the link https://www.hopehealthsupply.com/.
  • Products: This website mainly deals with covid-19 essentials. It includes the products like triple Layers face masks, UV Sterilizer wand, Finger Pulse oximeter, Ear savers, Non-contact thermometer, hand sanitizer spray, and disinfecting wipes wit 75% alcohol.
  • Discount: Discount is available of 15% during the second time shopping on referring website to a friend and shopping on it.
  • Customer support: To get in touch with customers, this website provides emails address and mobile number, and that is hello@hopehealthsupply.com and +1855929-5312
  • Products description: The product description of every product is available on the website. It includes information on how to use the product. Let know more about the website by getting into Hope Health Supply Reviews.
  • Shipping: The website does free shipping on orders above 70 dollars, and deliveries do to doorsteps. 
  • Social media share: The customers can share a product with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 
  • Physical address:  This website mentions its physical address on the website for mailing, and that is 708 5th Ave N, Birmingham, Al 35203.
  • Payment Options: This website accepts payment through JCB, Master Card, PayPal, American Express, Apple pay, Diners Club,  Elo, Google Pay,  Shop Pay, Venmo, and Visa.

Pros of shopping on Hope Health Supply 

  • There is no need to go anywhere in a pandemic to buy Covid-19 essentials.
  • The connection of the website is secured with HTTPS and SSL to save transaction details.
  • The website has mentioned the physical address and customer support services number and email.
  • A discount is available on referring products.

Cons of shopping on Hope Health Supply 

  • This website does not have an option for newsletters subscription to get the latest updates and offers.
  • This website does not have any accounts on social media. Only the share links are present.
  • Products on the website are limited.
  • This website doesn’t have any refund and returns policies.
  •  A few negative feedbacks are found on the internet for product quality and services.

What did customers think about its products?

On analyzing through Hope Health Supply Reviews, we found a few reviews on the internet, and we found mixed thoughts of past users. In positive thoughts, the customers appreciate its fast delivery services and communication services of the website. 

But on the other side, some say they never received masks, and few received the wrong products. Besides, they say they do not reply to their emails and texts. Some users have also stated it as a scam.

What did we think about this website?

On analyzing, we found the website is new, and it is more than five months old and working in the same. Further, it also has negative points and these points are not ignorable. After getting into Hope Health Supply Reviews, we suggest shoppers explore more about this website by own before ordering any products from it. 

For further details, please contact us via the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “Hope Health Supply Reviews (Feb) Is It Offer Scam Deals?

  1. This supplier advertises as though products are made in USA, but they come from China at a hefty price with no returns.
    I will not order from them again

  2. Buyer Beware. It’s been two weeks so far, I live in the same state as their home office. They immediately sent me a confirmation email and deducted $ from my checking account. It’s the last I’ve heard anything from them them. On further investingation they offer No Refunds, No Returns. This company is 5 months old. Have I been scammed???

  3. I was old I was buying N95 masks not KN95 masks! I feel ripped off and the product misrepresented
    ! Poor business practices!!!!

  4. Purchased 2 packs of KN95 Mask (5 in each pack) First 2 that my wife and I tried on the elastic band broke! Do not bother buying this product

  5. spent $75 on masks . made in china, too small don’t fit. wont replace them with larger masks, wont refund my money. not an honest company. if you have other ways to yelp them or whom else to complain to let me know. i am very irritated. got a generic reply saying they are a family company, with low prices and High demand. a lot of nonsense.

  6. Purchased from them KN95 masks and a UV Sterilizer wand. The masks came in 5 pks with the wand, it took 12 days to get here. The wand looks pretty generic, when I tested it works as advertised. I was short a couple of pks, and it took a little of time with customer service, but I did get to order filled.

  7. Just ordered. The first one I took out of sealed bag the strap broke that wraps around the ear. DO NOT BUY. Rip off. Very disappointed. Just read articles about 60% counterfeit N95 masks even though these are KN95 makes no difference if the straps are rotted or pops open in the middle not even on the ends. RIP OFF.

    Hope Health Supply is a fraudulent company that takes your money but does not ship the product(s) you ordered. I have tried to contact the company by email as well as telephone calls but they do not reply or answer the telephone. I have reported them to the authorities!

    1. Hello Denyse! Thank you for expressing and updating your precious response here. It is a good decision that you reported to the authorities. It is requested to update us and readers about the further progress. Stay Safe! Take Care!

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