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Is Appuby.shop Scam Or Legit {Feb} Check Complete Review

Is Appuby.shop Scam or Legit? We have tried to mention every fact related to the Appuby shop in this research. So, please read.

Do you you shop for utility products for your home? If yes, then you can buy it from the Appuby shop. The shop is popular in the regions of the United States. But, Is Appuby.shop Scam or Legit? Anyone who wants to determine the authenticity of the Appuby shop, then you can check out all the required facts on the Appuby shop here. Every reliable fact has been shared here. So, keep reading this post. 

Read The Lawfulness of Appuby shop! 

  • Discovery Date: July 1, 2022, is the creation date of the Appuby shop. The domain got a lifespan of around eight months.
  • Phishing Score: The Appuby shop has the presence of phishing count of 17/100.
  • Index of Trust: A bad trust index was found on the Appuby shop of 48.6/100. 
  • Malware Score: The count of malware is 37/100.
  • Shopper’s View: No legit Appuby.shop Reviews are present on the portals available online. Neither any customer feedback is seen on the official domain.
  • Social Networks: The accounts are not present on the social sites of the Appuby shop. The site seems to be less popular.
  • Missed Information: We found every contact detail, but the owner’s details were missing. 
  • Data Security: This shop uses a safe server to protect data. It has an HTTPS server to encrypt data. 

Brief of Appuby Shop! 

Appuby shop is an online portal selling various goods on their portal. They have a mixed collection of utility products. 

  • Ice Maker
  • Baby Stroller
  • Board Games
  • Iron Cookware set
  • Electric Jet Board 
  • Camping Cot

Characteristics determined in Is Appuby.shop Scam or Legit! 

  • URL: https://www.eerichb.shop/
  • Email:vipservicereply@outlook.com
  • Address: SlideShare Inc., San Francisco, 497 2nd St, Suite 309, CA 94107
  • Phone Number:+1 (206) 451-2559
  • Neither any feedback is seen online nor their products have been seen on the official site. 
  • Return Policy: The unsatisfied buyers who received defective or damaged products can return them within 14 days. 
  • Delivery Policy: The buyers can expect normal delivery within 10-15 days. 
  • Payment Options: MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, American Express, etc. 

Positive Points

  • The telephone number, email, and address are available.

Negative Points

  • The email address contradicts with official website’s name.
  • The shopper’s feedback is not available online or on the official site. 
  • Connectivity with social media is zero. 

Appuby.shop Reviews

We have done a good analysis of the Appuby shop. Our research team found that the site has a variety of products, but these products are not reviewed by a single customer on their official website. Besides this, we have checked the reviews on online review portals that mainly review online shopping sites. However, there were no reviews. Thus, the site looks suspicious. Another factor that makes it a suspicious portal is that it did not get any pages on any of the social media sites. We hope that now you are clear with the answer of: Is Appuby.shop Scam or Legit? All the details on methods to detect the activity of PayPal Scammers have been shared here. 

Final Summary

What are your views on the authenticity of the Appuby shop? If you want to share your feedback, kindly write it below.

Is Appuby.shop Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Did the Appuby shop get any feedback? 

Ans. We have not identified any customer reviews on their official layout or on online portals that review shopping sites.

Q2. What goods are sold on Appuby shop? 

Ans. They have a mixed type of collections like board games, baby strollers, ice makers, camping cots, etc. 

Q3. Is the Appuby shop present on Social sites? 

Ans. Our research team had not detected any connection with social media sites. Thus, making it the least friendly portal. 

Q4. What is the refund or return policy of the Appuby shop? 

Ans. The buyers can apply for a return or refund within 14 days. 

Q5. Is Appuby.shop Scam or Legit

Ans. The Appuby shop seems not a faithful site because the lifespan is less than a year and it got a perilous trust count.

Q6. What is the count of malware present on the Appuby shop? 

Ans. It is 37/100. 

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