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Joyride Harness Reviews 2020: For Better Life Of Dogs!

Joyride Harness Reviews 2020: For Better Life Of Dogs! >> Read this review to know about this product’s features, advantages and expert reviews about it. Also, to get up to 50 % off  on your order!

Are you a dog lover and looking for a comfortable walk for your dog? Dogs don’t put a stop to pulling while walking, and sometimes it becomes the biggest problem for the dog owners. But, since you love your dog, then why not to give comfort to you as well as your dog while he is busy pulling. Here comes the use of Joyride dog harness

Under this category of Joyride Harness Reviews, we will guide you entirely about the Joyride dog harness, so that you can buy after having complete knowledge about the product. Nowadays, Joyride harness for dogs is gaining massive popularity amongst dog owners or dog lovers in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Kindly go through the complete post for the gainful knowledge about the Joyride Dog Harness.

About Joyride

Joyride is an online store, that sells the best dog harness in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. Its main office is in Sunny Los Angeles, CA. On their official website, they claim to provide products, i.e., dog harness that will work to bring happiness in your relationship with your pet. Initially, the company name was Pug Life Harness, but now, the name is changed to Joyride Harness, but all the products are the same. Only the name of the company is changed. 

They offer the best dog harness for all kind of dog breeds such as Pugs, Yorkies, Small Puppies, Mini Schnauzers, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Shih Tzu, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Corgis, and many more. The Joyride dog harness is available at affordable and reasonable prices.

Other than dog harness, Joyride also offers products, such as Double Dog Leash, Waterproof Car Seat Cover and Portable Dog Bowl. On their official website, there are multiple payment options available such as McAfee Secure, Shopify Secure, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. From other Joyride harness reviews and customer reviews, we have found that Joyride dog harness has got 4.8-star rating out of the scale of 5. 

Why do you need a dog harness?

This question usually comes to everyone’s mind that what is the need for a dog harness? Following are the reasons: 

  • Dog Harness is required for providing training to the small dogs, especially puppies.
  •  It discourages jumping and pulling, and, so, it is the best tool for providing full control over your dog.
  • Pulling on a collar can cause coughing, so a dog harness helps in protecting the dogs from respiratory problems and neck injuries. Hence, it is always beneficial to use a dog harness in place of a collar. 
  • The dog harness provides focus to the distracted puppies.
  • A dog harness is a good option for the dogs like pugs as, if, there is much pressure on their neck then their eyes can get protrude out of their sockets.

Highlights of Joyride Dog Harness

Following are the features of Joyride Dog Harness:

  • Technology: The technology of spinning is used in the Joyride harness for dogs. When your dog starts pulling during walking along with you, then the side rings of the dog harness will get spun around, and no pulling will happen. These are the training harness, and the side rings are majorly the training rings. 
  • Material Used: To protect dog killing in a road accident, Joyride dog harness is made up of special reflective materials. This reflective material provides highly increased nighttime visibility as it is sewn in a front strap of the harness.
  • Travelling made easy: The Joyride harness for dogs is safe for the travelling purpose in the car but must be used with a seatbelt. 
  • Highly Comfortable: This Joyride dog harness is highly comfortable and can be used on regular and daily basis.
  • Easy to take on and off:  There is no hassle in taking Joyride dog harness on and off. It is fast, quick and convenient. It takes only two seconds to fasten this dog harness.
  • Tested and Approved: The Joyride harness for dogs is tested and approved by experienced dog trainers and veterinarians.
  • Availability of Top Handle: Top handle is available for that extra control and to provide training to your dog. It is very much strong and sturdy in its design that helps in providing full control to your dog. 

Why Joyride Dogs Harness is suggested?

This excellent and best Joyride harness for dogs has several benefits, and it has grabbed the eyeballs for all the right reasons. Some of its pros are as follows:

  • It is easy to use and handle.
  • It comes with a sturdy and robust top handle.
  • It is manufactured using a highly reflective material that helps in saving the lives of the dogs from road accidents.
  • The Joyride dog harness is tested and approved by dog trainers and veterinarians.
  • It is a no pull dog harness, as, Spinning Technology is used which protects from pulling and provides better walk to you and your dog.
  • Adjustable straps are available that fits your dog perfectly and comfortably.
  • It is highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Joyride dog harness is available for multiple dog breeds. 
  • It does not harm dog’s highly sensitive armpits.
  • It is available in multiple colors. So, dress your dog with Joyride dog harness!

Shipping and Warranty

It is mentioned on their official website that there is free shipping available on all the orders over dollar 49.00. If you buy two dog harnesses, then get free shipping. There is the availability of 365 days warranty on all the products. Also, an option for free exchanges and 30 –day Money Back Guarantee is available.

If you want to grab it now for your dog, then go to their official website and order now!

Exclusive Offer 50% Discount

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Joyride harness for dogs is a revolution in this industry. If you are impressed with the extraordinary advantages of Joyride dog harness, then don’t delay. Buy the best quality dog harness from Joyride along with Satisfaction Guarantee.

We have also come to know from other pug life harness reviews that Joyride dog harness is beneficial for all kind of dog breeds including pugs also. We hope that this post on Joyride harness reviews have given you ample knowledge about the dog harness and now you can make a better life for you and your lovely dog! 

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  1. I am beginning to wonder about this company. I have received the second stall letter from the company. he first said that my order would ship in another 7=10 days. The last email gave to date. Reading this plug for Joylife I can tell it is written by someone for whom English is their second language. It makes me wonder if Joylife isn’t Chinese. Also wondering how long will it take to get my harness.If I get it at all

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