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Keplin Air Cooler Reviews [June] Is it a Legit Product?

Keplin Air Cooler Reviews [June] Is it a Legit Product? ->  In the above article, you read about a website dealing with the best summer solution, i.e., portable air coolers.

Are you also looking for an easy solution to beat the temperature in summers?

Air Coolers are the best results for the same. In this article below, you’ll get to know more about Keplin Air Cooler Reviews, which will introduce you to its benefits, cons, and specifications; thus, providing you with enough reasons to purchase the same or not.

Keplin Air Cooler is a portable device, which can be placed as per your requirements. It is based on the honeycomb waterfall system. This means passing warm air from ice-cold water and distributing cold air in the area. The website is operated from the United Kingdom and is also amongst the frequently visited ones. 

In the article below, we’ll be providing you with the points related to this site, the device’s availability, its price, and any other relevant information gathered from the available online sources. After going through Keplin Air Cooler Reviews, you will be able to conclude whether the site is safe or scam.

What is Keplin Air Cooler?

We all are tired of the heat in summers, especially when it is at peak. To beat this scorching heat problem, Keplin Air Cooler comes with effective and efficient ideas, which would be easy on your pockets.

The air cooler works on Honeycomb Waterfall System. It converts the warm air to cool, making it pass through ice-cold water, and giving you the serene environment to work. The cooler is pocket friendly. It’s available at the best affordable prices and also environmentally friendly. 

Below are some specifications of the same, which would give you more clarity on it, and you can quickly conclude. 

Specifications of Keplin Air Cooler:

  • Website: Deals with portable air coolers.
  • Email: info@keplin-group.com
  • Office Address: Airivo Brentford, 69-75, TW8 9JJ
  • Website Address: Unit 44, Campden Road, CV37 8QR
  • Shipping time: 8-10 hours after order placement.
  • Shipping Cost: Depends on the weight of the order.
  • Delivery: Until the next day from the date of order.
  • Returns: Valid within 30 days from the date of receipt.
  • Exchange: Not valid on any order.
  • Refunds: Not mentioned on the webpage.
  • Cancellation: within a few hours from the order placement.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Credit, and Debit Card.

Pros of Keplin Air Cooler:

  • The website claims to provide the product at the best available prices.
  • Environmentally friendly product.
  • The fast delivery option provided by the site.
  • The website is SSL Certified.

Cons of Keplin Air Cooler:

  • COD not available.
  • Shipping charges to be bearded by the buyer to return the order.
  • Precise and clear information not provided by the site.
  • The refund policy of the site not mentioned on its webpage.

Is Keplin Air Cooler legit?

Keplin Air Cooler seems to be a new website. There are some points mentioned below, which will guide you about the authenticity of it, thus ensuring safe transactions.

Firstly, the website is a new entry into the online market. This is the reason that the least information about it is available online. When searched on Google and other sources, the website and its reviews cannot be found. Thus, this makes it difficult for the buyers to place an order from the same, as they do not have adequate information on it. 

Secondly, the website has not mentioned its policies, terms, and conditions. Not only this, but the site has even not specified its returns, exchange and refund policies as well. This is the most significant drawback for the same, as relevant information to be provided by every site is missing.  

The above points are thus enough to state this website as a scam. Some norms must be fulfilled by each site, which can be seen missing from the Keplin Air Cooler website.

Customer Reviews on Keplin Air Cooler:

Reviews are not mentioned on its webpage. This is thus another loophole for it.

Some of them found on other platforms are mentioned below for your better clarity on the same.

Customers are not much satisfied with the website. They’ve complained about its delivery and returns policy. They aren’t informed about the time that is to be taken by the website to deliver their order. Also, they’ve written that it is quite difficult to contact the site in terms of any queries or questions.

Final Verdict:

After thoroughly studying the site and checking it on all the available sources, it can be concluded that the website is a scam. Also, it is strongly recommended not to place orders from the same.

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