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Kite Girly Review [Oct 2020] Is This a Legit Website?

Kite Girly Review [Oct 2020] Is This a Legit Website? -> The website we are talking about is the one providing the stylish and the trendiest clothing pieces for all the women.

Trending clothes, comfortable fit, stylish pieces, and colorful appearance is all that youth aspires for. 

The style for trendy clothes, statement pieces, and having an unbeatable collection is the only thing that people need nowadays and have it. These Kite Girly Review will let us know about these products. 

The online market competition for these clothes and style statements can be seen and said to be very competitive. Due to this, people do consider shifting very frequently from one thing to another and often search for several options at one time.

The website we are talking about today is one such website providing various clothes for ladies and having several options. The website is based in The United States. Let’s move forward and learn more about it.

What is Kite Girly?

In this pandemic, every industry is facing a challenge and is trying to cope with the competition. But, people are still trying to upgrade their wardrobes and be a change-maker in this situation. 

Customers are still looking out for change and have some latest & trendy styles.

This website Kite Girly is a perfect stop for these types of people. It helps people have a perfect dress or a statement piece of clothing without burning holes in their pockets.

They provide many options for people to shop from. 

The website is based in The United States and has many options for the people to choose from. The collection is dedicated purely to the ladies, women, and young females.

This website’s collection starts from the New section, which has tops, bottoms, and dresses. Next is the Hot section; after this, there is an AU & NZ Section. The next section is the fall and winter styles, after which comes the top section, which has different categories such as Tanks & Camisoles, Blouses & Shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Sweaters & Cardigans, Blazers & Jackets, and lastly the coats. The next section is of Sweater and Coats and the dresses.

Let’s get more information about the Kite Girly website and gather some realtime Kite Girly Review.

Specifications of Kite Girly 

  • Website: https://www.kitegirly.com/
  • Originated in: The United States
  • Product line: Women Clothing
  • Website status: Currently active
  • Free shipping over the order of US$69
  • Shipping time: 8-15 business days
  • 14 day return policy to be followed
  • The website has also provided the size guide.
  • Email:vip@kitegirly.com

Advantages of Kite Girly Review

  • The website provides customers with many options
  • All women’s wear is available here.
  • They have different sizes as well.
  • The website also has several different collections
  • The website accepts Credit Card and PayPal payments.

Disadvantages of Kite Girly Review

  • The website has not provided the customers with the contact address and any contact phone number.
  • The website is just around three months old.

Is Kite Girly legit?

To know if a website is legit, we need to research the things and collect evidence. Every point has to be considered and should be focused on to know its value. While researching this website, we found that the website is just three months and one day old, which is not a long time to judge a website.

Also, the website has skipped on providing the contact address and phone numbers for the customers. The photos attached to the website for the products have the faces of their models cut out. This is an unfair practice and signifies that the company may have done this to avoid the copyright issues as generally, these images come out to be copied in most cases.

Also, we collected some Kite Girly Review by the customers. The reviews were all positive and signified that the product’s quality is good, and people recommend the product to others. 

Thus, this creates confusion for us, and we would not be able to make a final decision for a website this early. We will review this website again after it completes six months onboard.

What are the customer reviews for the website?

In collecting some Kite Girly Review, we found that the website has some reviews on the other websites. The website has got positive reviews from the people. The customers are happy with the quality of the cloth they received, and they also recommend it to others. The delivery was also on time and is appreciable.

Final Verdict

The website is just three months and one day old. This says that the website is not very old. The website has also got some positive reviews from the customers regarding the products and the services offered. 

The website has skipped on some information like the contact number and address of the company. They have also used the images of the models with their faces cut out from the image.

Thus, this creates confusion, and we would not give a verdict here. Therefore, we would do a review again after the website completes six months.

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