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Komon Mart Reviews [April] – Read Before Making Order!

Komon Mart Reviews [April] – Read Before Making Order! >> Nothing can be serious than wasting money in a scam. Thus, you must read review before making any order over any ecommerce website. Read komon mart review first!

Nowadays, an online store Komon Mart is gaining massive popularity across the globe, especially in the United States. But a question arises whether Komon Mart is an online scam store, or is it legit? This review post would help you a lot in deciding whether you have to purchase from this online store or not? We have analyzed many customers given Komon Mart Reviews to help all the readers of this post in understanding and working of this store. Please go through this post and decide if you should shop from this online store or not. 

About Komon Mart

Komon Mart is an online e-commerce store that sells a wide range of products such as appliances like; nozzles, weigh scales, audio products, wireless speakers, built-in dishwashers, cameras & camcorders and is becoming popular in the United States. They are offering all orders as shipping free and ship worldwide. 

As mentioned on their website, their contact address is 265, Hardin Store Rd Rutherfordton, NC 28139, USA. Their contact timings are Monday to Thursday: 8:30 AM to 16:45 PM and Friday: 8:30 AM to 16:30 PM. It is written on the website that Saturday and Sunday; they are closed. The option of Online Consultation is also available on their website. 

Sorting Options Available for the Products

In the Catalog section, you can sort the products by various categories such as Products starting from A-Z, Products starting from Z-A, and Featured. You can also sort by Price ranging from low to high and high to low. The option of sorting with the date is also given, wherein you can sort from old to new and new to old. The best selling category is also available. You can filter the products also as per your requirement, with the help of the filter option. 

How does Komon Mart work?

Komon Mart claims to sell high-quality products at very reasonable rates on their online store. Following are the steps if you wish to do online shopping with Komon Mart:

  • Click on the Catalog option at the top bar
  • From the categories of appliances, built-in dishwashers, audio products, cameras & camcorders, click on the desired one.
  • Then sort as per the sorting options given
  • Select the quantity of the product and add to cart
  • For moving further, Click the checkbox for I agree to Terms & Conditions and then on the checkout option 
  • Fill your complete and correct address and billing information.

Refund Policy of Komon Mart

The option of refunding lasts for 30 days. If 30 days have passed, then you cannot refund or exchange your items. The item to be exchanged or refunded must be in the original condition and packaging. Some perishable items such as food, flowers, newspapers, magazines cannot be returned. Some other non-returnable items are Gift cards, Downloadable software products, and some health and personal care items. Your receipt will work as proof of purchase for a refund claim. Yes, it is pretty much required to exchange or return the items.

There are some situations also where one might get partial refunds, such as books, DVD, software, cassette tape, video game or vinyl record that has been opened; and certainly, any package that is at fault due to Komon Mart error or items that had been returned late, means, over the period of 30 days after delivery.

Is Komon Mart Legit or A Scam?

In the scenario of online shopping, this is undoubtedly the most important question to answer. If any website or a product is to be a scam, it must not have:

  • An SSL Certificate
  • Good website design
  • Proper images describing products or a brand
  • A good description of the company
  • Proper contact details
  • Trustworthy payment methods
  • Reasonable customer reviews
  • Social media presence

When we have gone through the various Komon Mart Reviews, we found that this one has passed on many pointers. It is secured, it has good website design, and proper images are being placed to explain the product, and there are various payment methods. 

Yes, it does not have a large number of positive customer reviews. There is no information available about the founders of the company. Also, there is no review section available on the website. 

Final Verdict on Komon Mart

As per the Komon Mart Reviews shared by various customers, we are not very much sure about the working of this store. It has pros as well as cons. We suggest you use this online store very carefully and we would be happy if you would share your experience with us.

0 thoughts on “Komon Mart Reviews [April] – Read Before Making Order!

    1. I am looking to purchase a large, heavy item that is price at half of a what a local store wants. I am very skeptical. Please someone give me some feedback….good or back.

      1. I tried to order something put in all my info twice 1st card declined even though I have money in account second would not even let me make payment and again money in account frustrating and cannot even contact them but only by email I would ❤️to report to BBB bc it is a BAD company don’t even waste your time the company sucks who doesn’t want us to buy something then have NO WAY of contacting them haven’t they heard of remote work from home I do it and I work for a security company so ALL those great reviews are bogus

    1. Has anyone purchased the 5 cubic feet chest freezer? The price is excellent! Sounds to good to be true.

      1. That is what I tried for but declines credit card info and cannot get ahold of anyone but by email so yeah think it is completely BOGUS

        1. I would keep an eye on that card for illegitimate purchases, since by submitting, they know have your information to make purchases. Not saying they will, but I’d be wary since you had the money there to make the purchase.

  1. Actually read your review and sure I’ll save this page and if wife and I decide to risk it we will let you know about the experience

  2. Thank you for taking all the time and effort into helping consumers stay safe online. I’m looking at a large purchase at this store. I started to look for reviews on the website and I ran across yours. If * purchase anything from there I will let you know my experience. Just an alert for everyone a while back I made a purchase at yourchic and was robbed basically…. Luckily my bank investigated and refunded me back my hard earned money . Thanks again!!!

  3. I too came across a price of an item I was looking for at a fractional cost. Because the price was far below others, I immediately looked up the company. I’ve ready this entire review, all the comments and I’m going to say this:
    IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THAN IT IS A SCAM!!!!! I’ve been had, not by this company, but others like it, and getting your money back is harder than earning it, if ever. I will not purchase from this store however, I would be interested in actual purchase reviews. There are none here; another HUGE red flag!!!!!

    1. I’m wondering how they are selling Nintendo switch for 160.00 bucks. Seems way to good to be true, they aren’t that price even under normal circumstances AND refurbished.

  4. I was online looking to purchase a chest freezer. Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears Appliance, Best Buy and many other stores warehouses didn’t have any. I just so happen to stumble across Komon. I was like woah!!! Either these prices were a typo or the sizes of the freezers were wrong or this was just a SCAM!!! I actually tried to order one of the freezers. I had just enough money on my card to make the purchase. For whatever reason my card was declined. No problem, I live about 45 minutes away and decided to make the drive. FOLKS DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME , EFFORT OR ENERGY!! THE STREET THAT THIS SUPPOSEDLY STORE IS LOCATED AT IS A DEAD END ROAD OF JUNK TRAILERS WITH A BUNCH OF TRASH AND GARBAGE STREWN EVERYWHERE. OMG THE ROAD WASN’T EVEN PAVED. IT WAS A GRAVEL ROAD WITH HUGE POT HOLES. NOT A STORE IN SIGHT. IT WAS TOTALLY CREEPY!! I CAN’T IMAGINE ANYONE LIVING LET ALONE RUNNING A BUSINESS OUT OF ONE OF THOSE UNINHABITABLE LOOKING TRAILERS. AIN’T NO WAY!!I HURRIED UP AND MADE A U TURN AND GOT THE HECK OUT OF THERE. Yes I was disappointed. I was really excited about a new freezer for that price. Guess I’ll wait until a major store get their stock in. DON’T TRUST THIS SITE

      1. Thanks for sharing this! I was trying to buy a zojirushi water boiler and they have the best price. But my payment didn’t go through. So decided to check online. Your information is very helpful!

    1. Thanks Nina like you I was trying to make a purchase I need a new TV but I will check back with Best Buy your post should be at the top of this page

      1. Thank you both, I had been pondering buying a freezer but was hesitant after their 30-day refund policy. Just didn’t sit well with me.

    2. Thank you for your review! I too tried to order the freezer and tried my main credit card twice & it was declined. Tried my other credit card (I don’t use much at all) and it was also declined! Found this website and another, reviewing them, and realized it was a scam. I called both credit card companies (no transactions has been made) and cancelled my cards & requested new ones. Never know what they may do with your CC or bank card info down the road or sell it on the dark web?!

  5. BEWARE! This is likely a bad site, it seems. Many say cards were declined despite having funds available. No way to contact seller. “Button” to send email sends you in a loop. Corona virus is their excuse for having no contact capability and/or customer service. The address doesn’t check out, either. This site also grabs and saves your data immediately. Yet people are entering card numbers without checking all this?

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