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Zcsers Reviews [April] – Should Anyone Trust This Site?

Zcsers Reviews [April] – Should Anyone Trust This Site? >> Answer of this question, lies in this review. You must read our post before making an order over this website.  Our expert opinion and available customer reviews will help you in deciding about order placement.

One of the major aspects of increasing demand is more, and customers are becoming tech-savvy, and hence they are opting for the online shopping medium to fulfil their desired needs. Nowadays, people also prefer to buy their furniture in the online medium.

Buying online furniture is profound skill research, functional analysis, and price comparison. The online furniture shopping can be quite useful and economical. There is a vast range of online shopping portals that provides the quality furniture at an affordable price. One of them is Zcsers.

Such online furniture shop allows merchants to sell their products and services directly to the customers eliminating the chain the wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. The customer does not have to be skeptical about the product quality, pricing, and designing of the product. Hence, one should read some Zcsers.com reviews to get the real idea about this web store. 

In this post, we are sharing one such review. Read it completely to be well informed about this website before placing any order over it.

What is zcsers.com? 

It is an online shopping portal, pretty famous in the United States, where you can buy online furniture. So, what are you waiting for? Give your room a new look with an elegant simple-looking bed, that includes storage, mattress, and has solid wood? The website offers countless options and combinations of furniture that you can opt by looking at the various aspects. You can come across teak garden furniture that, too, at an affordable price range. 

The modern bed provided by the company is easy to assemble and transport. They are specifically designed to complement the room interiors with contemporary designs that ultimately increase the beauty and charm of the room. With fantastic discounts to free shipping procedure, everything will be available to you on a single platform. The furniture is available in different styles, colors, and sizes. 

How to place an order on zcsers.com?

The online ordering procedure is quick and hassle, as you are just required to spend a few minutes on the website. Just look for the furniture you want after selecting the product, go to the payment option, and proceed for its payment. This fantastic website will offer you so many options that you will be spoilt for choice. 

Also, the products are not categorized as per the sections, like you will see bed, table, sofa, tilting trike on a single page that often creates utter confusion among prospective buyers and makes them lose their interest. 

What are the benefits of ordering from zcsers.com?

Zcsers.com offers plenty of conveniences, handy shopping options and limited product lines to all its buyers. People in the United States prefer to buy furniture from zcsers.com because of its innovative and interactive services that will be available to you at a reasonable price. 

What we dislike about the company is that they every time log on with your customer ID and password before surfing the site that usually creates problems for the people who are not the members of this website. 

What are the cons of zcsers.com?

Few aspects create doubts in the buyer’s mind. Some of them are listed below:

Lack Of Customer Care Service

One of the major limitations you will face here is that there is no customer support number with whom you can contact. 

No address and no details of the owner

The website that is selling you the products should have a relevant address and, most importantly, the name of the person from whom you are purchasing the products. But, no such things are present on the website that leads to the awful situation. 

No Return Policy

There is no return policy on zcsers.comlike once you purchased your product, it will not be taken back, though it might appear damaged or broken, which is again unacceptable among few buyers. 

Is there anything like zcsers.com scam?

Though lots of people are visiting this website due to its cost-effective products and fantastic services, hence, we thought to do a little bit of research on it and tried to know its reality. The company lacks security measures. Hence scammers can extract the bank details of the customers and can give birth to a fraudulent customer. Also, there is no social media presence and no review section of this company that creates hurdles to reach out to the company. 


We are unsure about this online store as to whether to buy products or not. The above listed statements won’t give much confidence among buyers, as no return policy, lowest prices, no contact details will always put the customer in dilemma and raise a few doubts in their mind like whether they will receive their shipment or not if they receive their product will it match the description they have mentioned on their site.

0 thoughts on “Zcsers Reviews [April] – Should Anyone Trust This Site?

  1. I order outdoor furniture but it was big scam now I’m out a 152.00 they said I would have my stuff by 3-7working but not so big scam

    1. Do you ever get a confirmation email? I bought yesterday and didn’t get anything. Just a charge on my card under BULLET PROOF COM

      1. Please don’t order from this site, I ordered outdoor furniture almost two months ago and have not heard a word from them, even a phone number I found turned out to be fake!

    2. I ordered a fucking chair they scammed me for 125.00 i catch you scamming fucking niggers i will kill you

  2. I saw a beautiful outdoor patio furniture that I was going to order but when I got to the payment I saw that paypal was not an option so that made me suspcious I went to google to research the company and saw this and read the reviews that made me second guess buying from this company. No return policy. Not Good. No number to contact? Not Good so I decided to not go ahead with my order and not out or get scammed with my money. Thankful for the reviews.

  3. I also order outdoor furniture but it was big scam now I’m out a 470.00 they said I would have my stuff by 3-7working but not so big scam I am on the phone with my bank now as I’m writing a review don’t purchase anything from this scam website 😡😠👿

    1. How do you know it’s a scam? You just ordered today? Was it the 7 piece outdoor furniture set for $139? I’m really interested in this and want to order. Please advise

      1. I ordered today & will see if it is a scam or not, I guess. I am interested to know how it was a scam? Did non of you ever receive your products?

        1. DON’T DO IT!! YOU’LL NEVER GET WHAT YOU BOUGHT BUT WILL BE CHARGED FOR IT. I just had my CC reverse the charge.

  4. I just ordered today and now after reading this I’m kinda freaking out. My hubby told me not to buy, but I couldn’t resist. Now I will wait for 7 to 10 days and see.

      1. I iedere a bed. Never got it yet, but they did get my 109.- the same day..How do we find those scammers???

  5. I just called my credit card company they are going to track and trace this purchase because this is a fraudulent company. Even the phone number is a fake

      1. At this time as anyone receives their items, I too ordered before reading this 2 days ago and paid to have it delivered in 3-7 days so hope I get the product.

  6. The website offers a tipoon compact trsilet for undrr $200. I checked around and found the base price for the Tipoon is $30,000.! Needless to say, Im not taking any chances to order from zcsers. Looks like a scam to me!

  7. I decided to purchase a twin over twin bunk bed set. It was listed as $89.99. This particular set is normally between $600-1000 dollars. But after looking over the reviews I have decided not to purchase from this company. It was the price of this expensive set that got my attention it was to good to be true

  8. Was about to order decided to check out the site – too many red flags. If a deal is too good to be true . It’s not true. Buyer beware!

  9. stop being so desparate for once in your life people can you buy a 2020 Benz for 20 dollars? you get what you deserve ignorance pays very well so pay attention. if you can’t afford you dont need it

  10. I was potentially going to order outdoor patio equipment from this company, but as others said…..anything that seems too good to be true….it IS too good to be true. The patio set I was looking at is selling here for around $129, and at Lowes, Overstock, and basically anywhere they are selling for around $800, $500 if you can find them on sale….so at first I was like WHAAAAT?? After I was like “I’m buying TWO!” I researched this company and looked at the reviews of others. I pray that everyone looks into this BEFORE they pay. When you see that there is no PayPal option that alone should catch your attention…but like others said, sometimes when you want something so badly, you just take the chance. This is a FRAUDULANT COMPANY, and I am going to turn them into the Texas State Attorney General’s office on Monday. It will not do much good I’m sure, but at least hopefully they will end up shutting down the site so more people do not have their money stolen from them.

    1. What is your attorney say’s. Have you received your order. I did order a cabinet bed on april 23th and i am steel waiting. Let me know what happed!

  11. Hello good evening. When will i receive my patio furniture i had ordered.. I never received an email nor receipt of any fashion… Please contact me

  12. Hell no NOONE received any products this place is a scam.. created to cheat hard working Americans out of their money knowing so many have fallen on hard times right now and it’s a load of CRAP that Facebook And INSTAGRAM allows them to ADVERTISE on their site taking from unsuspecting Americans who are just trying to get by.. of course we want a better deal.. of course we don’t want to pay thousands for things we would love to have like bunk beds for our kids and patio sets for family gatherings ‘if we are ever aloud to have those again’ and tools for our projects. And it’s a damn shame the companies have such a HUGE markup that when we se these “sales” we want it to be true and thousands if not millions go out of our country straight of to whoever has decided to “Scam the Americans this time”. How is Facebook and Instagram not and accomplice ?? And how is the country’s National Security not envolved?? This is WRONG WRONG WRONG .

  13. Facebook should absolutely be ashamed of themselves for allowing a company like this advertise on their site! Especially during a time like this! Now we know who is in it for the money and who really wants to help people! Is there a way to directly make them aware of this other then just clicking that fraud is suspected? Does anyone know?

      1. Ordered April 18
        Immediate withdrawal from our account
        No confirmation email
        No product has been delivered and no way to track it
        We have contacted our bank to dispute the charges

  14. I have ordered from merchants on 2 occasions and been scammed. They were different merchants but the one thing they both had in common is that they were listed under the SHOPIFY.com family of scammers. PLEASE check before you buy and if Shopify is involved in any way, think twice. In my opinion, they are the outlet for scam companies to operate. Just my opinion, but if you look them up and do some research you will find it to be the common denominator in good people losing their money with no recourse. If it sounds too good to be true……you know the rest.

  15. I ordered a chair for 124.00 two weeks ago and have not got it or my money back .. what can I do??? Please some one any one help me I’m on a fixed income

  16. I just ordered from them today I’m hoping I receive my order. I hate feeling like a fool and shame on Facebook if this is fake.

  17. Unfortunately I have also fallen for this! Ordered on the 8th April heard nothing! My bank have told me I have to wait 15 days so I will call them and hopefully they will open a fraud case .

  18. I ordered the raised 8×8 cedar garden bed with the deer fence. I paid extra for faster shipping. Total was &158.00 that was on April 17,2020 it was to be here in 3-7 days. Still haven’t received it. I found and email and sent them a request to refund my money. The email came back undeliverable. I purchased this on/ thru Facebook ad. I want my money back!

  19. I ordered in April 16th and have not received anything at all it’s May 11th and still not received my items. I am out about $500.

  20. I don’t know how these people are getting away with this bullshit, but even though you only hot me for $150 I will pay an attorney to find you and have you shut down.. you piece of shit theifs!

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