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Kpop Concert Accident {July 2022} How To Go There?

The article discusses the recent incident of the Kpop Concert AccidentIt also describes the aftermath of the accident.

Do you know about the recent accident at a Kpop concert? The accident took place on 28 July 2022 (Thursday). The tragic incident took place when a monitor crushed one of their teammates. For this reason, the famous band “Mirror” stopped the concert in the middle. 

Many fans from the United States are checking all the news about the accident. But we need to discuss the issue of the Kpop Concert Accident

What was the Incident? 

The famous band Mirror was performing the concert in Hong Kong. The show took place on 28 July. In the middle of the concert, a giant video monitor suddenly fell on the stage. After this incident, the band stopped the performance in the middle of the show. 

In the incident, five people got injured. The rescue team rushed onto the stage and rescued the wounded people from the accident area. Later three people shifted to the nearest hospital. Per the medical team’s report, they are now out of danger but in observation. 

How to Go to a Kpop Concert

Many fans from the Philippines are asking about the question. For this reason, we are giving some clues on how to get to the concert. 

a) First the audience must know about the concert tickets. As per the recent report, the ticket price will be around 34 USD per ticket. The experts also said, for this accident, the ticket price may be reduced up to 27 USD. Many fans are also checking for the low price. 

b) The audiences also need to check some matters except the ticket price. Like they need to know about the franchises and venues of the program. 

Kpop Concert Accident– Recent Update

The video of the incident was now viral on social platforms. Millions of fans have already watched the video of the accident. After the accident, the band’s manager Ahfa Wong came on the stage and immediately cancelled the concert. For this cancellation, Wong later apologized to the audience. 

Meanwhile, millions of fans are shocked after the accident. The fans have already signed a petition and argued for better infrastructure for the concert. It is also true that the famous band also faced an accident earlier this year. 

The Kpop Concert Accident is the new edition. Many people demanded the proper investigation of the accident. On social platform pages, fans criticized the organizer and demanded better safety for the performers on the stage.

Why is the News Circulating? 

The video of the whole incident was viral on social media. Besides this, when the concert was cancelled, the fans got angry with the organizer for the ill safety measurement. People got mad and tried to capture the organizer. But police took the stage and installed the fence to prevent the fans. 


A singer already posted an image after the Kpop Concert AccidentThe image also is going viral. And many people still criticize the organizer and proper investigation. Please note all the reports are taken from the best internet sources. 

But you can read more on the matter via the link. Have you watched the viral video? What is your reaction? Please comment below.

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