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Otto Wichterle Wiki {Oct} Read To Know A Great Chemist!

This is some information and research about Otto Wichterle Wiki, which would be enough for gaining knowledge about the great chemist.

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Otto Wichterle Wiki

Otto Wichterle was a Czech chemist known for his invention of the modern soft contact lenses and was honored recently by a doodle from Google on 27 October 2021 on his 180th birthday. The great was born on 27 October 1913 at Prostejov, Moravia, Austria –Hungary, and died at 84 at Strzisko, Moravia, Czech Republic.

  Apart from being a great chemist, he has authored various books and research studies on organic, inorganic, and intermolecular chemistry, with 180 patents and 200 publications on his name worldwide. Let us look more at the article on Otto Wichterle Wiki.

About Otto Wichterle:

Otto Wichterle was born to a Mr.Karel, who was co-owner of the successful farm-machine factory and small car plant, but in spite of his father’s business, he chose science as his career option. After finishing his schooling in Prostejov, he graduated from the Chemical and Technological Faculty at Czech technical university.

Later he joined a research institute at Bata to work in Zlin. He was continuously involved in inventing and researching various fields of chemistry and had various books and patents in his name. Let us look at key points of his academic career and achievements.

Some of the contributions of Otto Wichterle Wiki

  • He has authored more than 200 publications and 180 plus patents on his name worldwide.
  • While he was at Bata Institute, he contributed towards the technical preparation of plastics, especially polyamide and caprolactam, the first Czechoslovak synthetic fiber.
  • The most important part about Otto Wichterle was the invention of soft contact lenses, which brought about a revolution in contact lenses.

Contact lens Invention:

The idea of the Otto Wichterle Wiki was developed when he was appointed as a dean for the newly established Insitute of Chemical Technology, Prague, where along with his colleague Drahoslav Lim. Developed a cross-linking gel that absorbed 40% water and was transparent. After halting the development of contact lenses, the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry and Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences came together, and the doctor was appointed as Director, where he developed contact lenses. 

After so many attempts, finally, in 1965, National Patent Development Corporation bought the American rights to produce a lens, and later Bausch & Lomb started manufacturing it, thus forming an important part of Otto Wichterle Wiki.


Dr.Otto Wichterle was a chemist and scientist who was the greatest and was often regarded as the inventor of soft contact lenses. He was interested in science from his childhood days and also co-authored many books and patented many inventions.

He invented the first Czechoslovak synthetic fiber (Silon), and later, he developed many prototypes of contact lenses. The early models were the first four hydrogel contact lenses, and his wife tried the lens and was successful. After many attempts, the product was finally patented.

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