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Update 15 Code Blox Fruit {Oct 2021} Get Gaming Details!

Read the complete guide on Update 15 Code Blox Fruit and get the list of some working codes.

Do you love to play Roblox games frequently? Are you a professional Robloxian? It might be because that’s why you are here reading something related to it. Roblox game developers introduced new updates and released the Update 15 Code Blox Fruit which offers various rewards. So, today we will go through the Update 15 Code Blox.

Yes, the newest code list for October is available, and players can use any of the newest released Codes to earn in-game rewards. So, the players around Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia are searching for the Code list, and it’s redeem process. 

What Are Blox Fruits Codes? 

Blox fruits codes offer horror-bound marine and swashbuckling pirates to their players. Whichever either thing players choose will enhance the fighting skill and help fight against the enemy. Update 15 Code Blox Fruit will help you level up your game.

Additionally, the new Codes help in finding fruits that feature unique abilities and special powers. Players may fight in the toughest battles, making themselves the strongest character in the game.

Working Blox Fruit New Codes

Read down the list of active codes and what they offer after successfully redeeming.

  •  2BILLON: Getting redeemed this code gives twenty minutes of extra double experience 
  •  UPD15: Redeeming this code gives a double experience of twenty minutes; it’s one of Update 15 Code Blox Fruit 
  •  THIRDSEA: for the reset of stats points, redeem this code.
  •  SSUB2GAMERROBOT_RESET1: helps in getting Stat reset
  •  StrawHatMaine: Get twenty minutes 2X experience redeeming this code 
  •  SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP1: for thirty minutes of 2x experience, redeem this code 
  •  FUDD10: Get dollar one redeeming this code
  •  BIG NEWS: to get the title in-game, redeem this code
  •  THEGREATACE: Redeem this and get 2x experience for twenty minutes 
  •  SUB2NOOBMASTER123: To avail of State refund, redeem this code
  •  Sub2Daigrock: to get fifteen minutes of 2x experience, redeem the given code

Update 15 Code Blox Fruit Patch Note 

Here are the short facts about the newest update, fifteen 

  •  The new update introduces a massive land
  •  Players may explore the giant island, which is new
  •  Three new remote islands is being introduced in this update 
  •  There are new secrets and missions to explore 
  •  To get various game passes and fruits, players can trade the stored fruit
  •  One may search for four stronger abilities 
  •  Different perks are available for you to explore in this game
  •   There are two modes to be explored differently 

So these were a few short facts of the newest update fifteen of the Roblox game.


We have presented the entire knowledge about Update 15 Code Blox Fruit for October 2021. We hope you have received the complete information you were searching for about the newest update of the Roblox game

Have you redeemed the new Blox code? Comment 

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