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Rutherford Car Accident {July} What And How Happened!

This article provides all the details about Rutherford Car Accident and further details about the demise and injury.

With the increasing denstity, there was a huge increase in demand for various vehicles which indirectly promoted the chances of accidents. It is so devastating to see that they are mostly young, like what happened to the four boys of mere age.

Do you know who the four boys were? Do you know whether these four survived or not? Do you know where and when the tragedy took place? Did you know the news was coming from the United States and Australia? Well, if you don’t know, then don’t worry; just read this article, and you will be able to find your answers about the Rutherford Car Accident.

What happened in that accident?

A boy of the mere age of 17, the Rutherford driver, was found dead. He was driving with his three more friends who were found injured and were taken to the nearby hospital after their car hit a Route 3 utility pole on the Friday afternoon.

The driver was found dead at the incident told by John Russo, Rutherford police chief; it was also stated that the other three boys were also 17. The bureau of criminal identification collected the evidence, and the Bergen county unit was informed about the Rutherford Car Accident.  

How the accident happened?

The accident happened near the marginal road, Wheaton place on the Friday afternoon. The police officer stated that the BMW sedan got hit by the pole. Firefighters arrived and worked there for two hours just to take out one passenger who got stuck. The officer stated that while rescuing the firefighters got minor injuries, too; the area was closed due to the accident, and the incident was not suspicious at all and seemed just a tragic car accident.

John Russo shared his hearty feelings about how the firefighters and the hospital crew arrived on time at Rutherford Car Accident and worked for hours there instead of the fact that they got injured too while saving. The name and other details were not yet known and are still a mystery, but it’s so obvious that their family was feeling devastated by what happened; the news was spreading all over the area like fire, the vehicle caught fire after crashing against a telephone pole, and the boys were not able to come out of it, and one got trapped, but that’s the fire crew who stops it at the right moment otherwise, he won’t get escape would have cost his life.

Rutherford Car AccidentReactions:

After the boy’s demise in the car accident, the news spread like fire all over the local region. All the people there expressed their grief as the young kid lost his life to the brutal crash. Officer expresses his grief as well.


From this article, we can conclude that it’s so devastating to see a young child lose his life while driving with three friends of the same age. The three got injured and taken to the hospital on time, saving their lives. Click the given link for more information.

What are your views on this article? Please comment down your thoughts about Rutherford Car Accident and let us know too.

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