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Shirley Ann Shepherd Young {Aug} Get Complete Details!

In this article, Shirley Ann Shepherd Young discussed the life of a rock band drummer’s wife. Please read the article to know more about this particular topic.

Do you know who Shirley Ann Shepherd old is? Do you know who Charlie Watts is? Do you like music? Have you ever heard about a band called Rolling stone? If yes, then you should consider reading this whole article. 

People worldwide love music, and if we talk about musicians, people worship good musicians. So after the death of a famous drummer, Charlie Watts and his fans in the United States and worldwide are in grief. But above all, his wife Shirley Ann Shepherd Young and family would be in much greater grief.

Who is Charlie Watts?

Charlie Watts was a famous drummer and the band member of the group known as Rolling Stone. He was born in London on 2nd June 1941 and raised in London, England. He was originally a skilled graphic artist, and he was trained in it too. Watts started playing the drums at London’s club known as rhythm and blues club, that’s where he met his other band members. In 2004 he was diagnosed with throat cancer. At the age of 80, watts died on 24th August 2021. 

Who is Shirley Ann Shepherd Young?

Shirley was born on 11th September 1938. Shirley married Charlie in October 1964, and they had known each other way before Watts’ band got successful. Shirley and Charlie had one daughter named Seraphina. She and Watts had a beautiful and successful 57 years of marriage. Unfortunately, her net worth and other personal pieces of information are not accessible.

Rolling Stone

Rolling stone is an English rock band formed in London, and the band was put together by Brian jones; he also served as the Leader during the initial days of the band in 1962. Charlie Watts (around this time, he met Shirley Ann Shepherd Young), Brian Jones, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger were the band’s first members. Brian Jones was the Leader and multi-instrumentalist; Mick Jagger was the main vocalist; Charlie was the drummer, and Bill was the bassist. They wrote their songs for which Keith and Mick stepped up. Each member of the band had their share of scandals in their prime time. Shortly after the success of their band, jones got addicted to drugs and left the group before his death in 1969; Mick Taylor took his place. At the same time, the personal life of Watts remained stable after his marriage to Shirley Ann Shepherd Young. The band toured and performed in different countries and released hundreds of songs. They also won several Billboard Touring, Grammy, MTV video music, NME, Grammy Hall of fame, Classic Rock Roll of Honour and several other awards.


Rolling stone was one of the biggest hard rock bands; people in the United States and around the globe followed this band. Charlie Watts was the longest living member of his legendary band; people are heartbroken after his death. If you want to know more about him or the band Rolling Stone you can click on the link.

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