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Shopee 5th Anniversary (Aug 2021) Get All Details Below!

In the article Shopee 5th Anniversary, we will share all the essential points in our discussion to inform about online shopping.

Hello everyone, we live in the digital era, so we mostly prefer online transactions for payments. However, here we are discussing a serious topic related to fraud, and many people of Malaysia are trapped in the scam.

The scammer steals client’s personal information and makes financial frauds with them. In the Shopee 5th Anniversary that is a scam we aware you all the thing to safe from it and many more we explain in the following section.

Establishment of Shopee:

Shopee is an e-commerce based multinational technology company, and its headquarter is in Singapore that comes under the Sea Group. It had initially established in Singapore in 2015, and later it has been expanded in many countries.

It is the first in Singapore that deals with the mobile-centric open market. Shopee is the place where customers can look through goods, shop, and sell the products.

But users are confused about Shopee 5th Anniversary. Shopee is an online store that does easy shopping for sellers and buyers.

The Founder of Shopee:

The billionaire and the CEO of tech giant Sea Forrest Li is the founder of e-commerce portal Shopee.

Strategically intro of Shopee: 

In the starting, it deals on Consumer to Consumer basis in an open market. Still, it has expanded on two models: one is Consumer to Consumer, and another is Business to Consumer.

Around 70 courier services are working with it to deliver the goods on time to the customers. It is known for its on the time delivery services also.

Shopee awarded the Singapore of the year that is the second version of Vulcan Awards.

Is Shopee 5th Anniversary is a Scam?

The scammer’s targets renowned companies for making scams. They follow a procedure to make frauds with the people. Scammer follows users on social media sites and gathers their information, and trapped them.

They send messages on your mobile that you have won the lucky draw carry out by Shopee on its 5th-anniversary celebration or much another excuse they claim to you and to collect your prize you have to share some details with us. 

Furthermore, you share financial details and shares OTP with the unknown person and got scammed by losing money from the account due to getting a prize. The Shopee 5th Anniversary lucky draw is a scam created by the scammers revealed by investigation of the police.

How to stay safe from Scammers?

  • To be aware of the unusual contest messages from unknown numbers, don’t be trapped on them.
  • If you got any lucrative prize messages before replying to them, ask with your mutual friends, and don’t ask on social media, it can be a scammer.
  • Never share your financial details or OTP with others, including your family member and friends.

The Concluding Outlook:

In the mentioned article, we explained all about the Shopee 5th Anniversary and its fake lucky draw that the investigator officers revealed. So we suggest that constantly aware of fake messages and consider how to protect yourself from a scam.

Please don’t share your financial details with anyone and read to know more-Shopee and its good contests.

Have you faced any online scams? Please share your experience with us.

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