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Sptw Aut {Sep 2021} Exciting Game Zone Information!

Are you eagerly want to know what does Sptw Aut means? Readout this post and check all the answers you are looking for.  

Do you love to be a part of an exciting adventure in Roblox? If yes, so don’t leave this page until reading the entire post. In this article, you will learn about the trending adventurous game stand Worldwide, SPTW (Star platinum the world). It is the stand of Jotaro Kujo, a fully-featured JoJo Bizarre Adventure. 

It is a great stand. However, using Sptw can be tricky. Also, this stand has shiny material that looks alluring that called Sptw Aut. So, let us know in depth. 

About Star Platinum the World (SPTW)

SPTW is well-known as a strong stand Worldwide that resembles a well-built and strong man. It is specialized in fastidiousness and speed, but using it in-game can be a little challenging. Due to expertise and preparation, one can easily conquest strong enemies. It is a virtuous stand as it has shiny variants that are called star platinum final beatdown. 

The stand lookalike a chunk of the arrow stand pool, which has zero point four chances of obtaining the standing arrow. Moreover, in star platinum final beatdown stand (SPFb) has a 0.08% arrow. While checking on its colour schemes, its appearance is eye-catching that changed drastically. The new colour scheme of Sptw Aut includes gold, blue, violet and brighter hues of purple. 

What are the abilities of SPTW?

In this section, we have shared a table that let you know in brief how star platinum the world works. 

Functions Name Usage 
Passive Enhanced senses It takes 85% less damage fired from guns and others.   
Press E ORA Barrage  It is fast and has 3 punch damage hit
Press R ORA strike Uses right arm to deal with great amount of damage
Press T Bearing shot  It deals with damage to the enemy. 
Press R + Y Star beaker It uses to manage incredible amount of damage.
Press F Stop time It uses to freeze game for 5 seconds

 Sptw Aut– Pros & cons

  • Highly durable
  • Improve mobility
  • Provide you stopping stand
  • Battle projectiles
  • Available with combos
  • Reliable stand


  • It maybe offers weak damage support
  • Based on limited moves
  • It maybe breaks the time and makes the SPTW undergo
  • Users have to struggle with speed and faster stand

The list of combos available in SPTW

Combos Targets
Basic Press V+R+T
Medium Press F+Y+R+E
Hard Press R+V+E+F+T+F+R
Very Hard Press R+V+T+F+Y+E+R+T
Easy Press E+V
Medium- hard Press R++T+F+V+E+R+Y+T
Basic and most used Press V+R

To know more about combos and more Sptw AUT features, click here.  

The Bottom Line 

So, you have learned the basics of SPTW and its features. This is the most trending and best stand introduced by developers to beat your competitors and enjoy the extreme fun. Moreover, the stand is often considered a simple trading tool. The best of this is that it comes with a short time stoppage, which allows players to use it to beat their rivals and come forward in the game. 

For instance, if you press H, you will be invisible to players. So, do you find Sptw AUT interesting? If yes, share your reviews in the comment box. To know detail on Roblox Generators:

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