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Tilted Towers 3 Chapter {Jan 2022} What More Can Be Fun?

The article below explores all the specifications and release dates of the newly released Tilted Towers 3 Chapter edition.  

Are you a fan of the Fortnite series? Are you also from them? Who wants to know about Fortnite chapters? Do you like to have your registration for every new Chapter of the Fortnite series? We all know that Fortnite is an interesting game series that brings out the best it can for the players. Yes, we are on the way to explain your interesting topic. 

This Currently released Chapter from Fortnite is setting up excitement Worldwide. This article will give you a detailed analysis of Tilted Towers 3 Chapter

About the come up of Chapter 3 

This awesome game is famous for bringing new and first-rate objects and brilliant changes to the game. 

Fortnite has introduced Chapter 3, which came with a few major modifications. This Chapter is coming near week five, wherein we can see a few new modifications. 

Fortnite will surely be returning the Chapter this season as consistent with leaks. 

Let us know more details about how this Chapter will enter into the game? 

When will the Tilted Towers 3 Chapter take place? 

As stated by the instructions of the game chapter 3, will start from this present week. We can expect to witness Tilted Towers in the game this coming Tuesday. 

The game’s owner didn’t present the exact date of its release so far, but one thing which we can bet is that it will take place by this month for sure. 

When will towers be introduced to the Battle Field? 

The game introduced a new edition to the game. They released it on 17th Jan 2022. So, we can expect the Tilted Towers 3 Chapter to be released on the battlefield soon. 

As we are continuing this article, let us move forward to know some Specifications of the 3rd Chapter. 


  • Chapter’s Code- 0413-8685-4164 
  • Chapter’s Version- 7 versions in total 
  • Location of Tilted Towers- It is located in the middle of Shifty Shafts and the Lake. 

Where are Frozen Tilted Towers? 

These frozen Towers are positioned in the centre of the game’s direction map for a limited period. However, the leakers show that this snow from the frozen towers will melt soon.

Other than the normal Tilted Towers 3 Chapterthe players will also be able to counter some frozen towers. Interestingly we can see the snow-free areas on the map. 

Note– All the above information, including the final verdict, is original and reliable. 

Final verdict 

As per our last words, we can say that the new edition of the game was just released and added a new and interesting feature in the game. You can direct the map as well for finding the snow-free areas.

So, go quickly and add Tilted Towers 3 Chapter to your collection before it’s late. 

Do you wish to add this new edition of the game to your wish list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Explore some more detailing about Tilted Towers by visiting this link-  

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