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Tokyo Revengers 219 Chapter {Sep} Find Series Update!

This article consists of a famous illustration of Japanese manga series which is having massive followers. Read about Tokyo Revengers 219 Chapter.

Are you interested in illustrations that are based on the famous manga series? If so, you must have known about the most popular online illustration and its interesting chapter, which has created a separate fanbase Worldwide.

This article is based on the research done on a chapter based on manga series. This Japanese series-based chapter has gained massive fans and followers as it provides its users an extremely different entertaining experience. Continue reading about Tokyo Revengers 219 Chapter,

to understand more on the topic.

What are Tokyo Revengers?

It is based on the popular manga series from Japan, illustrated and written by Ken Wakui. It was published in 2017 as an illustration series based on the anime genre. As of the latest data, it has a circulation of more than 35 million copies.

The first volume was published on 17th May 2017, and as per the data of 16th July 2021, a total volume of twenty-three has been published. In 2020 February, an announcement was made on the live-action film. 

Tokyo Revengers 219 Chapter

  • This chapter is about the incidents between the two main characters of this series Takemichi and Senju.
  • Senju and Takemichi choose an amusing park as the venue for their date.
  • This chapter is found on the 20th page.
  • Senju wore Brahman Uniform as it felt comfortable for her.
  • They tried different rides in the park, including merry-go-around and Ferris wheel
  • While they were having a ride on the rollercoaster, Senju explains the plans she was expecting to execute next week.
  • The major characters in this chapter include Senju Kawaragi, Takemichi Hanagaki, Seishu Inui, and Ken Ryuguji.

 More Details;

  • Nakamichi and Draken,in Tokyo Revengers 219 Chapter, plan to fight with the Kanto Manji Gang, which belongs to Mikey.
  • Senju and Akashi will fight with Rokuhara Tandai. 
  • Senju is highly confident about her strengths, skills, and ability and has confidence in defeating rival gangs single-handedly.
  • After having conversations about the upcoming fight plans and exploring a few rides, they agreed on becoming friends.
  • Nakamichi made forward this friendship proposal, and Senju was extremely happy to accept his friendship proposal.
  • Senju told him that she is not that strong without his protection, and she wanted his support for her further plans and ambitions. Read more on Tokyo Revengers 219 Chapter.
  • Nakamichi and Senju happily shake their hands-on becoming friends, and Senju is extremely happy with him for fulfilling the promise he had made to her.
  • After having few rides and having meaningful conversations, it started raining, and Senju joined Takemichi to protect herself from the rain.


Reading the chapters of manga series is great entertainment. This feature helped to increase the popularity of this famous Japanese series in creating massive followers Worldwide. To know more on this chapter, please visit 

Have you had the chance to go through any of the famous illustrations like the Tokyo Revengers 219 Chapter? If yes, what do you think is special about it? Kindly share your valuable opinion with us.

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