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Why Is Mckenzie Milton Not Playing (Sep) Get Details!

In this article about Why Is Mckenzie Milton Not Playing, you will get inspiration from the story of Milton’s courage and fight to overcome his adversities.

Are you also wondering about seeing Mckenzie Milton again on the field? Milton has been out of the field for almost two long years. And there are several rumors about his absence on the field, causing panic among the football lovers of the United States.

But now, let us put a full stop to all these buzzes because we have the facts about Why Is Mckenzie Milton Not Playing.

About Milton

Mckenzie Milton is a well-known name in the world of college football. This 23-year-old footballer was born on 10th October 1997 in Hawaii. He currently plays as a quarterback of the Florida State Seminoles.

Milton started his career in the Mililani High School of Hawaii. After completion of his high school education, he chose the University of Central Florida. The head coach of the UCF was formerly associated with the star footballer Marcus Mariota whom Milton used to consider as his idol. And that is why the head coach was the main reason behind Milton’s choice.

While searching for Why Is Mckenzie Milton Not Playing, we came to know that Milton was a Three-star quarterback in high school, and he maintained his form in the college games as well. Milton helped the UCF to appear in the 2016 Cure Bowl and the 2018 Peach Bowl. The UCF also won the Peach Bowl game, and it was their first-ever win in Peach Bowl.

After this win, the team also claimed the national championship. For his excellent performance, Milton has been praised with several accolades along with being placed in the 8th position for the Heisman 2017.

Why Is Mckenzie Milton Not Playing?

The actual reason for Milton’s absence on the field is his severe knee injury and not any of the rumors. While playing the last game of the 2018 season against the University of South Florida, Milton dislocated his knee.

After reaching the hospital, it was known that Milton’s injury is quite hazardous as he has dislocated his thigh and lower-leg bone, and also there was no nerve functioning. Milton had to undergo several surgeries to recover the functioning of his leg. There was a time when it seemed almost impossible for Milton to walk again, let alone playing a game.


But fortunately, the reason for Why Is Mckenzie Milton Not Playing couldn’t put a permanent stop to the career of this resilient player. After a hard fight, he again stood up to his feet and returned to the world of football in October 2020 for Florida State. Though he couldn’t be a part of a game yet, there is a huge chance of seeing him on the field soon.


The injury came at a time when Milton was in peak form, and though it has changed his career, it couldn’t break him completely. The hard work and resilience of this player have defeated the reasons Why Is Mckenzie Milton Not Playing, and he has made his way back to the game. Read here to know more about Mckenzie Milton

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