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Who Made The Georgia Guidestones {July} Discover Name!

Read the Who Made the Georgia Guidestones article for truthful information about the Georgia Guidestone incident and its enormous value.

Have you heard of the damage caused to the monument Georgia Guidestone in Elbert County? Do you want to know the complete information about the monument? Do you know about the ten guiding principles written on the stone? If not, then read the below-written article for particulars.

People in the United States and Canada are eager to know the reason behind the explosion of the monument. The monument was known as a landmark in America, and the cause of the bombardment is suspicious. After thorough research, we found some news on Who Made the Georgia Guidestones? Let us move into details.

Georgia Guidestones

The monument was built in June 1979 by a person named Robert Christian, considered a pseudonym. He built the monument with six best-quality granite stones and wrote some guidelines for humans.

The monument is situated in Elbert County, Georgia and is considered “American Stonehenge”. The developer of the monument has written ten principles for humans estimating there would be calamity in the world for nuclear, social and economically. An anonymous source destroyed the monument on July 6, 2022, morning. The officials dismantled the monument for safety reasons. People worldwide are searching on the internet for Georgia Guidestones Documentary.

Let us lighten the incident and learn how the monument came into existence, along with guidelines. In the primary investigation, the officials found an unknown car on the scene, and when the car left, the monument was bombarded. The reason behind the explosion and the one behind the scene is not yet found.

We shall earn some knowledge about the ten principles he has given to humankind. The monument is 20 feet tall with more than 4,00 letters written. The capstone has eight different languages engraved: Spanish, English, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and traditional Chinese.

Georgia Guidestones Text

 The text includes:

  • Humanity should be under 500,000,000 for perpetual balance with nature.
  • Reproduction should be done wisely to improve fitness and diversity.
  • Should unite humans with a living new language.
  • Faith, passion and tradition should be imposed with tempered reason.
  • Courts and laws have to be fair to protect the nation.
  • Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  •  All nations rule internally, but the external disputes resolve by the world court.
  • Balance personal rights including social duties
  • Infinite truth, beauty, love for seeking harmony.
  • Don’t be a threat to Earth; leave a place for nature to exist.

Let us learn some more news about Who Made the Georgia Guidestones?

People near the monument heard the explosion in the early morning around 4: 00AM. A video was released sighting a light struck before the explosion following the collapse of the stone tablet. Kandiss Taylor and some conspiracy theorists claim the incident was an act of god. People responsible for such destructive actions should be brought to justice and punished.

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The article shares information about the Georgia Guidestone explosion and the ten guidelines engraved on the monument. Click here for more updates

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