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Who Owns Atlanta Braves {Oct} Find Its Current Ownership

The article Who Owns Atlanta Braves is about an American baseball team and discusses details about the team and its owner. Read to understand more.

Do you know the Atlanta Braves? What are the Atlanta Braves? Do you watch Baseball? Do you like playing Baseball? Why are the Atlanta Braves famous?

Kids love playing Baseball. Baseball is one of the most followed sports worldwide. For some countries, Baseball is like a national sport, for instance, the United States, Canada. The best baseball teams in the world indeed come out of these two countries. One of those is the Atlanta Braves. Read the whole article to know Who Owns Atlanta Braves?

Atlanta Braves

The Braves are a professional baseball team in America. It is from the Atlanta metropolitan area, and they are a member of the National League (East Division). This team plays in Major League Baseball (MLB). The team was founded in 1871; since then, the club has played in the biggest baseball leagues.

The name ‘Atlanta Braves’ comes from the region ‘Atlanta.’ Other words they took from native to American warriors were called ‘braves.’ The first word of the team changed several times in these past years. They moved their club to Atlanta in 1966, and since then, the team has been known as “Atlanta Braves.”

Who Owns Atlanta Braves?

Not a single person owns the Atlanta Braves these days. Back in the times when the Atlanta Braves were the most successful team in the sport, it was owned by Ted Turner (around 1966). But Ted sold Atlanta’s ownership in 2003. 

In 2003 Turner sold the team to AOL Time Warner. After that, in 2007, the team was owned by Colorado’s Liberty Media. Several partners also own some of the stakes of the team. There may be a representative face in the team’s limelight, but a single person does not own the team and its stakes. 

In answer to this question, Who Owns Atlanta Braves? Most of the stakes of the Atlanta Braves are indeed with Liberty Media but not fully owned by them. Usually, the team’s Face in media can be the President or the general manager of the team, but they shall necessarily be the team’s owner.

Other Details

1991 to 2005 was the golden period for the Braves. For a long period of almost 14 years, the Atlanta Braves were at the top. They won every division title 14 times in a row. They had one of the best pitchers in the world who significantly contributed to the pitching rotations.

To throw some light on the question Who Owns Atlanta Braves? Here are some of the past owners of this team.

  • Perini Corporation from 1952 to 1962
  • William Bartholomay, John McHale, and Perini Corporation (and many) from 1962 to 1976
  • Ted Turner from 1976 to 1996
  • Time Warner from 1996 to 2007
  • Liberty Media from 2007 to present.


Atlanta Braves, known as Bravos, is indeed one of the most successful and famous teams playing professional baseball. In the United States, many people follow the team. As stated above, there is no single person who owns this team at present.

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