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[Unedited] Yogesh Honnala LinkedIn: What Incident Took Place in Maryland?

The specifics of Yogesh Honnala LinkedIn are uncovered in this write-up to let viewers learn about the mysterious killing of a happy family.

What led to the passing of a couple and their son in Maryland? The law enforcement department recently came into action after the sources revealed the killing or death of a couple and their son in Maryland. 

The recent incident that made law enforcement officials believe to be a dual suicide murder stunned many from the United States, India, and other global areas. So, look into the particulars available in Yogesh Honnala LinkedIn through this guide below. 

Disclaimer: We verify particulars before publicizing for the larger populace and do not associate with promotions or marketing endeavors.

Who was Yogesh Honnal?

As per the particulars accessible on the LinkedIn profile of Yogesh Honnal, he was a staff mechanical engineer for one year and two months. Yogesh Honnal was from Davangere and resides in Maryland with his wife and son.

The couple and their son found dead in Maryland were from Karnataka. The family’s mortal remains were discovered in their residence in Maryland.

Yogesh Honnala LinkedIn:

  • Name- Yogesh Honnal
  • Education- Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s degree from 2005 to 2009 with a 3.6 grade from Rai University and Diploma in Tool and Die Technician/ Technology, Tool & Die Making from 2002 to 2005 with a 3.7 grade from NTTF (Nettur Technical Training Foundation)
  • Experiences of Yogesh Honnal:
  • July 2022 to Present- Staff Mechanical Engineer at Becton Dickinson in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. 
  • July 2021 to June 2022- Senior Mechanical Engineer in Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • February 2016 to June 2021- Lead Design Engineer (Mechanical) from HCL Technologies in Washington D.C. Metro Area 
  • July 2012 to January 2016- Senior Design Engineer at Technosoft Engineering Projects Limited in the U.S.
  • April 2007 to June 2012- Senior Design Engineer at Samtel Avionics Limited in New Delhi, India
  • 2010 to 2012- Senior Design Engineer at Grohe in Germany

Yogesh Honnala Maryland:

The Indian couple from Karnataka made waves in news headlines after their remains were discovered at their Maryland Towson residence. Police officials suspected it was a suicide and murder. The 37-year-old mechanical engineer, Yogesh Honnala, his 35-year-old spouse, Pratibha, and their six-year-old son unexpectedly passed away.

However, the reason for Yogesh, his wife, and his son’s demise is not yet confirmed by the law enforcement department, and the team is investigating the incident.

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Who is the prime suspect in the killing of the Indian family?

As per Anthony Shelton, the spokesperson from Baltimore County Police, Yogesh is the prime suspect to commit the double suicide murder of his son and wife. As per the official, he might have killed himself with a gunshot after killing his wife and son since they experienced a gunshot.

As per Yogesh Honnala LinkedIn, he had been residing in Maryland for nine years and loved spending time in his laboratory to discover unique tools.

The officials also mentioned the phone call they received that the three members committed suicide in their Towson residence. Yogesh’s mother, Shobha, mentioned that she spoke to her daughter-in-law and son last week. The family also requested the law enforcement department to assist them in getting the mortal remains of Yogesh, his wife, and their son to Davangere, India.

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A last day! what makes people to commit suicide, depression? or something else ?.,may be regret of decisions?
by u/eruditevision0 in india



Yogesh Honnala was the town’s talk after his remains were discovered along with his wife and son’s remains from his residence in Maryland. However, the reason behind the family’s unexpected suicide-murder is unresolved. As per his cousin, Yogesh and his spouse remained happy and could not determine the reason behind such a drastic step. The investigation into the case continues.

Are you stunned by the double murder-suicide of Yogesh Honnala and his family? Share which measures to initialize to prevent such happenings.

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