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Erdtree Minor Catacombs (March 2022) How To Conquer It?

The post discusses Erdtree Minor Catacombs and elaborates on the guide to qualify them.

The Internet has presented an excellent platform for players to explore the vast arena of gameplay. While previous games were limited to geographies, it has now become possible for players Worldwide to play any game of their choice without the constraints of boundaries. Besides, all you require is an internet connection that will make it possible.

One such game that has caught the likes of players globally is Elden Ring. Herein, the games provide an array of features. In this article, we will be elaborating on Erdtree Minor Catacombs, one of the locations in the Elden Ring.

A Gist About Elden Ring

The role-playing action game has been a favorite among players Worldwide. The entire plot and story of the game are directed by the popular Hidetaka Miyazaki, along with George R Martin.

The game includes players focusing on exploring lands housed between the Elden Ring, including castles, fortresses, and many catacombs. In this article, we will be exploring in-depth about one such Catacomb and the varied features that are available therein.

In the coming section, we will elaborate on Erdtree Minor Catacombs Elden Ring and how the player can reach the place.

What are Minor Catacombs?

Minor Catacombs can be defined as mini-dungeons that are located in the Elden Ring region. Moreover, it is located deep within the decaying region called Caelid, which brings a myriad of dangers for the player to traverse through.

Besides, among the many Castles, Fortresses, and Catacombs, this is considered one of the trickiest dungeons. Hence, players do need to be very vigilant when crossing the Catacomb. Below we provide a guide on how to pass the Minor Erdtree Catacombs.

Erdtree Minor Catacombs – A Helpful Guide

Here are a few perks to remember about the Minor Catacombs:

  • There are 2 erdtree burial watchdogs, whose sight the players have to cross carefully.
  • The enemies here are Imps, and there is a scarlet rot too. Besides, players need to fight the imps who are found hiding at sneaky places to attack the player.

Here is A Quick Guide For The Dungeon

To prevent an attack from an imp, players must move into the button-activated elevator and get to the room having corridors on the eastern and western sides. Furthermore, in Erdtree Minor Catacombs Elden Ring guide includes:

  • Cross the red liquid to avoid damage from scarlet rot
  • Utilize the Glovewort to upgrade the spirit ashes
  • Return to the elevator
  • Defeat all the imps and head to the next room.

Final Conclusion

Keeping a keen eye on the imps and attacking the enemies, the players will have to attack the watchdogs by summoning a spirit with the spirit ashes. Herein, once they are defeated, gain the Mad Pumpkin Head Ashes that they drop.

We hope the article provides sufficient information about the Erdtree Minor Catacombs. If you want to know more about the minor dungeons, then read here.  

Were you able to defeat the Imps? Please share your feedback, review, and experiences with us in the comments section below.

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