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Faith in Style: How to Dress for Your Christian Values

Not sure how to dress up with style while still adhering to your Christian values? You’re probably reading this blog post because you hear many dos and don’ts surrounding fashion and Christianity. 

First things first, we have to get this one thing straight “It’s okay to admire, enjoy, and have fun with fashion while sticking to Christian teachings.”

There are many people who think that dressing like a Christian means wearing clothes that don’t attract attention. At the same time, many believe that clothes are purely functional and shouldn’t be for appreciation. We think fashion has so much beauty to be appreciated, and God himself creates it.

In this blog post, we prepared a list of things to consider when dressing up for your Christian values and ideas of what you can wear.

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How Should You Dress for Your Christian Values?

  1. Dress in a fashionable way that minimizes temptation for others. 

There are other clothing choices wherein you can avoid clothes that draw attention to your figure. Avoid wearing tight-fitting or revealing apparel. Ladies should refrain from wearing short skirts or dresses and low-cut or sleeveless tops.

As the Bible teaches, lust is not a minor sin. Jesus equates it with adultery. You, as a believer, must understand that immodest dress frequently causes others to lust. Christians are called to take every cautionary step to avoid causing fellow believers to stumble in their walk with Christ. Thus, it would help if you avoided dressing that encourages lust.

  1. Dress in an attire that should be distinct to your gender.

The Bible says that a woman should not wear what pertains to a man, nor should a man put on a woman’s garment. Christian women and men should dress in a manner that is as distinct from their gender as much as possible. Men should avoid feminine clothing. Ladies are encouraged to wear respectable dresses or skirts. Some Christian communities specifically discourage ladies from wearing pants, slacks, or shorts. 

  1. Don’t dress to show off.

Nowadays, in some Christian teachings, purchasing something beautiful and high-quality, so long as practical, is not a bad thing to do. But buying anything with the primary intention of showing off is a different topic. One of the Christian beliefs is that it is not good to try to make others jealous. 

Buying something to boast about your financial status or make others want what you have is a godless thing. It is not Christ’s way of living.

While it is indeed true that you can not control what makes one person jealous, your intentions are important here. You have the control not to purchase something with impure motives so you don’t purposefully cause others to envy.

  1. Wear clothes that you can afford.

While dressing expensively or buying designer clothes is not a sin, it is different when you’re buying more than you can afford. If you feel like you want to wear something, which would mean going above and beyond your means of living, this is against Christian beliefs. It would be best to be wary of balancing your wardrobe and bank account.

  1. Be happy and content with what you can afford.

It is in reality that some people have more than others. It can be based on one’s lifestyle, career choices, and privileges. If you cannot afford something now, don’t push on buying it. You have to be content with what you can afford at a particular moment. 

  1. Only buy what you need.

Sometimes we tend to keep on buying things without realizing what we accumulated. Thus, it leads to being wasted. So to counterbalance our love for fashion, we should give away our excess. Giving what you don’t use to those in need is always good. You can donate them to charity to moralize your disordered consumption patterns. 

Another thing is that if you’re currently stuck with fast fashion trends, you’re most likely to accumulate many items of clothing without knowing it. A better alternative for this is opting for sustainable clothing or supporting small business owners in line with your advocacy or Christian teachings.

Ideas of What You Can Wear

Images by DesignPicsInc from depositphotos.com

Now that we’ve dealt with the dos and don’ts let’s dive into what you can wear. You can also style yourself with modest clothing like skirts and dresses that are not too short. Another tip is to check out online boutique stores that promote Christianity.

A Christian boutique like B the Light sells Christian merch that allows you to express your faith purposefully. They deliver essential clothing such as tank tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, bracelets, accessories, and more. This way, you can keep your love for fashion while spreading the gospel and sharing Christ’s love with others. 

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