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Is Seainyou Scam Or Legit {Feb} Check Full Reviews!

Read complete reviews unavailable elsewhere about Is Seainyou Scam or Legit to learn its features and authenticity.

Did you know that Seainyou.com offers a 52.4% upfront MRP discount and an additional discount of up to 20% on buying more items online in the United Kingdom and the United States? Coupon code New5 gives an additional 5% discount and free shipping on $69.00+ orders! 

But, Seainyou.com allowed ordering infinite quantities, only Visa and MasterCard were getting accepted, and product specifications were inadequate! So, let’s scrutinize Is Seainyou Scam or Legit?

Is Seainyou Legit?

  • Seainyou Creation— 1st-September-2022, 8:34:08.
  • Seainyou Age— 5-months and 16-days old.
  • Seainyou Last updated on— 1st-September-2022, 8:36:30.
  • Seainyou Expiry— 1st-September-2023, 8:34:08.
  • Seainyou life expectancy— 6-months and-17 days.
  • Trust Index—dire 1%.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity—21%.
  • Threat Profile—20%.
  • Phishing Score—15%.
  • Malware Score—20%.
  • Spam Score—14%.
  • Domain Authority—dire 1/100.
  • Business ranking—an average of 58.6%.
  • Alexa ranking—zero.
  • Place of origin—a high-risk country – China.
  • Status of Blacklisting—Seainyou is not blacklisted.
  • Connection Security—Seainyou utilizes a valid HTTPS connection.
  • SSL Status—its IP has a medium organization-validated SSL certificate for the next 214-days.
  • Owner’s Identity and Contact Seainyou Reviewshidden using paid services of Aliyun.


Seainyou.com is a new commercial fashion e-store aiming to provide clothing with a perfect fit, style, originality, and quality. It aims to inspire customers to express their individuality and to bring them into the spotlight. 

Seainyou.com encourages innovative use of fabrics to create clothing with the best finish having bold, striking, daring, and fashion-forward styles. But, the mission statement and content of Seainyou.com is stolen from expensivegarbage.shop, barabasmen.com, and calameo.com! Seainyou.com sells:

  • 53 Jacket,
  • 91 Pants,
  • 57 Hoodies,
  • 61 T-Shirts,
  • 31 Cardigan,
  • 24 Accessories, and
  • 91 New arrivals

Features determining Is Seainyou Scam or Legit:

  • Buy apparels and accessories at—https://www.seainyou.com/.
  • Price—$24.68 onwards.
  • Email addresses—anthony@expensivegarbage.shop and customer@customer-new.com, found to be unauthentic.
  • Terms and Conditions—Mentioned but plagiarized on Seainyou.
  • Privacy policy—Mentioned but plagiarized on Seainyou.
  • Store locator—not featured on Seainyou.
  • Physical Address—Hario Trading Co Ltd, Wheetcroft House, Wheetcroft Business Prk Landmerem Ln, Edwalton, Nottingham, England-Ng12-4Dg. The address is fake, as per company registration details.
  • Delivery Policy—Seainyou delivers orders within ten to twenty days.
  • Shipping Policy—Seainyou supports international shipping.
  • Tracking—not possible on Seainyou.
  • Return Policy—Seainyou accepts fourteen days returns.
  • Restocking fee—no fee, accounted to check Is Seainyou Scam or Legit?
  • Exchanges—not supported.
  • Refunds Policy—credits are applied within three to ten days to the initial mode of payment.
  • Mode of Payment—via Amex, ApplePay, MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal in more than 150 global currencies.
  • Newsletters—supported by Seainyou. It offered a 50% discount on the first order with an email subscription.
  • 24 hrs chat support—not provided.
  • Help and FAQ—not included on Seainyou.
  • The number of backlinks—72.


  • Seainyou featured 408 apparel and accessories
  • Seainyou.com showcased clothing and accessories in different sizes and colours
  • The website is accessible in 32 global languages

Cons determining Is Seainyou Scam or Legit:

  • Seainyou overall offered unrealistic discounts of up to 80%
  • The poor user interface of Seainyou, without searching, filtering, and sorting options
  • Order processing timeline, contact person, phone (or) whatsapp, guarantee, carrier details, cancellation policy, and cancellation fee were unspecified

Customers Reviews:

Seainyou.com does not support product reviews and blogging. Nine website reviews and three YouTube reviews suggest Seainyou.com as a scam. One customer review rated Seainyou at 1/5 stars. No user reviews about Seainyou.com were present elsewhere on the internet.

No customer acknowledgement about receiving delivery for Seainyou.com was present. Henceforth, learn about Credit Card fraud, as Seainyou Reviews determined acceptance of CC at Seainyou.com.

Social media links and relationships—Seainyou.com is not present on social media and did not included social media links on its website.


Seainyou.com seems illegitimate due to terrible trust, Alexa, DA, suspicion, phishing, threat, malware, spam and average business scores. Seainyou.com is young website with short life expectancy. Seainyou was registered in high-risk country. Seainyou’s association with Hario Trading Co., Limited was unspecified. Browsing Seainyou.com is unsafe for users’ devices, PII, payment, and personal data. Please learn about PayPal fraud, as Seainyou.com accepts PayPal.

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 Is Seainyou Scam or Legit – FAQ

Q1. Seainyou uses how many servers?

Two servers with serial chain number 0a3787645e5fb48c224efd1bed140c3c targeting dns10.hichina.com(IP and dns9.hichina.com(IP

Q2. Who is the ISP of Seainyou?

Shenzhen Dianjiang Technology Co Ltd, China.

Q3. Who is the registrar of Seainyou?

Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd(HiChina).

Q4. How much is the speed of Seainyou?

71%, C-performance grade, with a load time of 2.92 seconds (considered slow).

Q5. How much is the visitor count of Seainyou?

Zero visitors count/month. 

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