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Prolife Whistleblower Texas (Sep 2021) Get Deep Insight!

Please read this write-up to be aware of an abortion-related law, the Prolife Whistleblower Texas website noting its violation details and its counter-portal.

The government of a nation passes laws for its citizens to be relieved from a current issue. However, at times, the legality hinders the human rights that an individual deserves, and citizens protest against it.

In this report, we have discussed one such law related to abortion, a website to support it, and a counter website to defeat the purpose of Prolife Whistleblower Texas. Please read this article, especially if you are from the United States, to be informed about this news. 

The Law

Gregory Wayne Abbott, the governor of Texas, announced a new law called the Senate Bill 8, or the SB8, with effect from 1 September 2021. This law prohibits the abortion of the fetus when the doctors can detect its heartbeat, which is generally around six weeks of the gestation period. 

According to the regulation, any citizen of the United States can take the doctors, clinics, or people to court who are not abiding by this law, either by performing the illegal medical process or helping the woman who wants to abort her pregnancy post six weeks. The Prolife Whistleblower Texas created a website in the past month where people could report the instances that are breaching the SB8. 

About The Website

The website, having the ‘.com’ domain, was created in August 2021, wherein one has to fill up a form providing details about the situation where the new law is being violated. The form includes particulars of the clinic or doctor performing an abortion of the fetus at or more than six weeks of pregnancy. This website claims that the personal data of the whistleblower shall not be made public. 

The Counter Website of Prolife Whistleblower Texas

Another website with the same name and the ‘.net’ domain was created to oppose the above platform, saying that the data of the whistleblowers were unsafe in their hands. The creator of the counter website claimed that filling the form in the .com version led to blocking the user’s IP. 

The .net version aims at obliterating the .com portal from the search results on the Internet by requesting people not to search it. Also, it emphasizes that it is the natural right and liberty of a woman to choose abortion. 

The Protest

Citizens all across the nation, especially women, have strongly detested this new law and the Prolife Whistleblower Texas. As per Roe v. Wade, a significant verdict of the country’s Supreme Court, a pregnant woman has the full right to decide abortion with no constraint from the government’s end. The SB8 opposes the decision of the apex court. The women have also displayed placards asking the government to stop interfering with their natural rights.


The nation’s women are strongly protesting this regulation as it shall stop their liberal decision about abortion involving a pregnant woman’s health and the child’s well-being if born. 

We would like to state here that we are not authorized to this news. We have mentioned the details about the Prolife Whistleblower Texas as per the news updates on Prolife Whistleblower and information from the Internet sources. 

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