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Reverse Life Collagen Reviews UK [Jun 2021] Is It Scam or Not?

Reverse Life Collagen Reviews UK [Jun 2021] Is It Scam or Not? -> In this article, you will know about the authentication of Reverse life collagen drink.

Collagen helps to make your skin, nails, and hair look younger. Natural Collagen is present in the body, which slowly decreases as age increases. There are different collagen products available in the market like creams, drinks, etc. to boost your skin. These remove any wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin that appears due to increasing age.

Read Reverse Life Collagen Reviews UK to know more about the drink. 

Reverse life collagen is one such product that claims to reverse your age. This site delivers in countries like the United Kingdom and many such other places. 

What is Reverse life collagen?

Reverse Life collagen drink is one such product that gets quickly absorbed in your body and boosts your skin, hairs, and nails. The Brand has a web page from where one can buy the product but has not provided much information about the product. The reverse life collagen website also lacks the necessary information about the brand or the product. 

Reverse life collagen has been endorsed by various celebrities like Peter Andrea, Christine Mcguiness, and Tanya Bardsley. One bottle of collagen serves upto 20 days and the company even offers a discount of up to 50% on purchasing in quantities of 1 to 4 bottles.

One must make an order on the website with all the complete details and online payment to buy this product. Once the payment is made, the company accepts your order. Then only a customer is liable to know about the product details and the company. 

Specifications of Reverse Life Collagen 

  • Product: Collagen Drink
  • Website: https://collagen-reverselife.com/
  • Email: info@genius.co.uk, info@collagen-reverselife.com
  • Address: 14, Edward court, Broadheath, Altrincham, Washington
  • Shipping Fee: Not Mentioned
  • Company registration No.: 11069602
  • VAT: REG GB292990064
  • ICO Registration: ZA 300256
  • Parent Company: TGG Ltd.
  • Returns: Within 14days of purchase
  • Refunds: Refunds will be made on unopened boxes
  • Mode Of Payment: Online mode of payment
  • Company offer: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Customer Service Number: Not Mentioned
  • Delivery Time: Minimum 5 days

Pros of Reverse Life collagen

  • It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to the customers.
  • Social media presence is good for the product.
  • In case of return or refund the company has provided Email Id’s as a point of contact
  • VAT number is given, which makes it a legit company.
  • The brand also provides discounts upto 50% on the purchase of the products.

Cons of Reverse Life collagen

  • The Celebrity pictures used on the page doesn’t guarantee them as real ambassadors of the brand.
  • Not much relevant information is provided about the product on the page.
  • The ownership of the company is not disclosed.
  • If the order is not delivered, a 5 euro fee will be charged from the customer’s refund.
  • There are not many reviews about the product online.

Customer Feedback on Reverse life Collagen

Much customer Reviews are not present online for this brand product. There are only a few followers of this brand on social media. Even not much is mentioned on the website about the advantages or disadvantages of using this product. 

Though it has been mentioned that this product was featured in ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Andreas,’ but there is no such proof of authenticity of the product. With so much Celebrity endorsement and printed media coverage, as mentioned on the website, this product still has very few followers and popularity.

Final Verdict

The Site lacked to provide proper information about the product or the company. Its efficacy or authentic approval by any authorizing body is also missing from the site. Though it has been endorsed by celebrities and models, still Reverse Life Collagen Reviews UK is not positive.

Online reviews and accounts of the brand do not have many followers to authenticate the product or the website. Hence this proves that the product is not so famous and does not have many users in the market.

Even with a 30-day money-back guarantee, the customer has to provide 20 days of video of consuming the product and the weekly pictures of the hair and face. 

The company has many policies which restricts the customer to get a refund or use this 30days money back guarantee scheme. 

Even this site ask for all the personal information about the customer, which risks to the leaking of such information to other illegal sites or any other fraud companies. 

4 thoughts on “Reverse Life Collagen Reviews UK [Jun 2021] Is It Scam or Not?

  1. I have recently placed an order for 4 Reverse Life to be Delivered by DX COURIERS despite giving full address post code and phone number , waited in all day on 3 occasions left a note on my door to say open and leave inside Porch no delivery has been made although on each occasion I have been assured it was on the van . I have contacted DX by Email , they have live Chat that is Not operating and their phone line directs you back to their EMAIL ,address , I have seen many testimonies On Line to the good of Reverse Life and nothing bad so far , but their delivery choice of DX is a big mistake , I have still to get through to Reverse Life and get an explanation .

  2. I have been taking Reverse Life for over 28 days and have noticed NO changes at all. No change to skin, no change to hair, no change to nails and I am just as energetic as I was before taking this product.

    The product taste is incredibly sweet, imagine drinking a shot of neat double concentrate Ribena.

    The “30 day money back guarantee” is a joke – read their terms and conditions – you will need to take a video of yourself taking the product EVERY DAY for 20 days and also send photos of your face, nails and hair over the same period to “prove” the product has not worked for you! No one will do this from day one, so what is the point of the guarantee??

    If Reverse Life truly believed in their product they would not have unachievable terms in their guarantee. Smoke and mirrors marketing at its best.

    Talking of marketing, they have simply got a few celebs to endorse the product to give it gravitas, but be prepared for non existent results!

    I am not convinced the reviews on their website reflect a true representation of the feedback they have actually received – check on the FeeFo website directly (not by reading the filtered comments on the Reverse Life website) and you will find you cannot search for or read the reviews for Reverse Life!

    Do not believe the hype.. avoid!

  3. I have been using reverse life for 30days I contacted them as I broke out in super bad boils , rashes and itchy skin their response was go to GP then they blocked me from emails messages and Facebook

  4. I have just ordered 2 bottles of reverse life they have charged my credit card for 2 bottles and I have received 1 bottle so far, i have asked them for a 30 day money back guarantee they offer have emailed them 3 times and still have not received.

    I have complained about receiving 1 bottle and have sent many emails requesting where the other bottle is but again the same response they are busy. I am going to ring my credit card company to see what I can do about the situation. I would certainly not recommend Reverse Life.

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