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What Time Does Traveling Merchant Spawn {March} Get Slots!

To all those looking out for the details of What Time Does Traveling Merchant Spawn, read this article to explore the time.

Have you played Pet Simulator X? Do you like this game? What is Traveling Merchant Spawn for this platform? Why is the merchant spawn at a hype?

In this blog today, we have fetched all the details for our readers about Traveling Merchant Spawn, a recent buzz in the United States, Philippines and many other parts of the world. 

Exploring all the facts for the temporary NPC, read the facts in this article to know about What Time Does Traveling Merchant Spawn!

What is a Traveling Merchant?

NPC plays a major role in the games, and Traveling Merchant is one of the types. This is marked as the Unique NPC is known for its random visits in the player’s town once a day. 

The inventory for this NPC is randomized and is different for all its visits, selling different items like 4-10 and 4-12; details are further mentioned below. 

This is more like a recently introduced shop on the platform that is open only for a limited time in a day. 

How does the Traveling Merchant Spawn?

Giving a hint for the What Time Does Traveling Merchant Spawn, the NPC will not spawn during the goblin army, solar eclipse, martin madness and private invasions. 

To spawn the traveling merchant, players also need to have the presence of two other NPC’s, excluding the Old Man and Skeleton Merchant. 

What does the Traveling Merchant Sell?

This NPC has three different pets for sale, including the normal, golden and rainbow. 

Also, players need to know that pets purchased from this shop will always be more powerful than the hatched ones. 

Therefore, all these pets are sold at their original prices, without any discount.

What Time Does Traveling Merchant Spawn?

As we can fetch the timing details for this traveling merchant, it spawns all day randomly only for 20-45 minutes. 

Unlike other similar merchants like the Mystery Merchant, there is no fixed time for the traveling merchant to spawn. 

The opening for this shop is announced by the global message appearing on the chat box for his arrivals. 

Players need to act quickly, making their way for their strong purchases, as the shop is only available for 10 minutes. 

Do not forget to check the arrival message to get the details, knowing the slots for What Time Does Traveling Merchant Spawn!

Details about Merchant Respect level:

The leveling system in this Traveling Merchant NPC is referred to as Respect. With each of their purchases, the players at the traveling merchant.

Players will be rewarded with respect, increasing their levels after unlocking every 3 pets. 

Final Verdict:

Wrapping up all the facts about Traveling Merchant, the shop will spawn randomly anytime for a maximum of 20-45 minutes, and Players will be notified of the same on their global chat message box. 

Check out the details for Pet Simulator X   to explore the gameplay. 

Fetched all the facts for What Time Does Traveling Merchant Spawn? Please share your views in the comments section below. 

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